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JAmp - generate the AMP ver

JAmp - generate the AMP version


JAmp - generate the AMP version  v2.3

Version v2.3
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site J!Extensions Store external
License Read Rules external
Views 4,172
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JAmp is a powerful plugin for Joomla! that lets you generate the AMP version of your website pages to be indexed by Google automatically through meta tag submission, it integrates with every Joomla! extension and it's highly customizable!


Google indexes Accelerated Mobile Pages and present them to mobile users when they search on the main Google SERP. JAmp automatically creates and advertises to search engines an Accelerated Mobile Pages version of your web site contents using a special and specific link submitted through a meta tag.


In 2017, Google focuses on mobile users and their experience. So AMP Pages will be the big trend in 2017.(Words from John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google)

AMP is the future of the web and Google Search, it's a very lightweight version of a webpage that has been stripped of the many elements that cause a regular webpage to display slowly, such as tons of cookies, third-party Javascript, and slow-loading ad networks. This results in a page that loads lightning-fast, which is great for those who are on slower connections or simply don't want to wait for a regular, heavier page to load.

AMP has had a fairly positive reception both from site owners and from users. It's much faster and more streamlined for searchers, especially on mobile devices that tend to be a little bit slower connection-wise.


JAmp main functionalities include:
•Automatic conversion: your Joomla pages are converted on the fly to Accelerated Mobile Pages HTML markup. It supports virtually every extension installed, even if AMP pages should be related to news only. JAmp is able to manage meta data automatically for common components or to be configured so that it can integrate with every third party extension, even with third party systems such as SP Page Builder

•Easy activation: just select for which specific extension and view you want to enable JAmp and it will do the rest. By default it's active for the native content component single article view, but you can easily enable it even for Easyblog post view, K2 article view, Kunena thread view, etc

•Automated submission: AMP links are automatically submitted to Google for indexing from the main canonical page thanks to a special meta tag rel=”amphtml”

•Highly customizable: the plugin can be heavily tuned and customized to integrate better with third-party extensions, you can customize theme, colors, appearance, logo, title and much more, even adding your own custom CSS to pages and including Google Fonts. Moreover it's not needed to setup complex Joomla! overrides for files, because you can easily render additional custom HTML modules if required

•AMP menu: you can choose a normal Joomla! menu module and JAmp will turn it into the specific AMP accordion menu web component. This allows to users to navigate straight to other pages directly from the AMP page they visited

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8 months ago
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Very good plugin AMP for joomla!
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1 year ago
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Good AMP Plugin!!
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