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OS Payment Form


OS Payment Form  v.6.6.0

Version 6.6.0
Compatibility J3.x & J4.x
Developer site Ossolution Team external
License Read rules external
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Payment Form (PMF) is a Form creator extension for Joomla allow you to collect information and get payment from your site members / visitors (for a service, for an event registration or for a course registering) via online payment gateway such as Paypal,, Eway and Offline payment gateway.


✔ Support different form types:

★ Free Form: Form with no payment needed. You can use this type of form to collect information of customers/users (like contact form...)  ★ Form with fixed payment amount: You can use this kind of form if you want to collect information from customers and ask them to pay for a fixed amount which you setup for that form.  ★ Form to allow customers enter the payment amount they want (into a text Amount field) and process payment  ★ Form which has payment amount calculated automatically based on customers input.    

✔ Different custom field types:

★ Textbox  ★ Textarea  ★ List (Signle and multiple select list)  ★ Checkboxes  ★ Radio  ★ Date  ★ File  ★ Heading  ★ Message  ★ Countries  ★ State  ★ SQL  

✔ Custom, Flexible Form

★ Integrate Joomla account registration (optional)  ★ Show/hide, change ordering any fields on form   ★ You can change, translate the form message and the title of the fields on the form to meet your need.  ★ Create unlimited custom fields to collect information of your customer.  ★ Each form can has it's own set of custom fields        

✔ Different form layouts to use:

★ Default (Horizontal) Form layout  ★ Inline (Vertical) Form layout  ★ 2 columns inline  ★ 2 columns 2 lines  ★ You can also build the custom layout you want if you know basic programming (PHP , HTML)  

✔ Different ways to display form:
★ Display via menu item
★ Display in a module position using form module
★ Display form in a Joomla article using the content plugin.

✔ Custom Field dependency is supported

✔ Multilingual: Translate forms, fields, emails, invoice layout to all languages use on your site.

✔ Nice, Clean, Responsive Layout based on twitter bootstrap.

✔ PHP Script plugin allow running custom PHP code (Joomla code) after payment record is stored and/or after payment is completed.

✔ Powerful Emails Notification System:

★ Notification Emails sent to administrator when someone make a payment (the emails which receives notification is configurable, multiple emails is possible - separated by comma)  ★ Confirmation Emails sent to users when he completes payment  ★ All email messages can be configurable from back-end of Payment Form.  

✔ Support 50+ payment gateways:
★ Paypal,, Moneybooker, Eway and Offline payment come with the extension by default
★ Other payment plugins are released as separate plugins

✔ Useful Plugins
★ ACYMailing plugin to integrate with ACYMailing extension
★ Voucher plugin uses to sell voucher for Events Booking extension
★ Limit Payment Plugins to limit number of payment records can be accepted by each form.
★ PHP Script plugin uses to execute PHP script when payment record is stored, or when payment record is paid.

✔ Tax Support

✔ PDF Invoice

✔ Embed form into Joomla article

✔ Display form in a module position

✔ Export payments records into CSV file

✔ Built-in translation feature

✔ Integration with Joomla core Profile, Community Builder and Jomsocial

✔ Captcha & SSL integration

✔ Use Joomla Update System

✔ Other features:

★ Payment History page which display donation history of a donors     ★ CB plugin which display donation history of the user in his Community Builder Profile  ★ Jomsocial plugin which display donation history of the user in his Jomsocial Profile

Forms Management
Creating, Managing forms to collect customers information and allow them to process payment via payment gateways of your choice.
* Fixed payment amount defined in the form administrator.
* Payment amount entered by customers into a simple Amount field.
* Payment amount calculated by the combination of various inputs on form.
* Form to collect customers information only, no payment processing involved.

Form Fields
Creating any number of custom fields, assign it to forms to collect information from your customers and sometime, calculate payment amount base on the data which customers enter/select for these form fields.
* Support 17 custom field types: Text, Textarea, Dropdown, Checkboxes, Radio, Date, File (Upload), Heading, Message, Countries, States, SQL, Tel, Email, Number, Range, Password.
* Validate fields data using both client and server validation.


Custom Fee Fields
Calculate payment amount base on the data which customers enter, select for these fields. Arithmetic operators (+, -, *, /) are supported to allow using combination of different fields to calculate total payment amount.


Conditional Fields
Allow show/hide some custom fields depends on the selected values of other custom fields (Dropdown, Checkboxes, Radio) on the form.


Form Layouts
Use Beautiful, Responsive form layouts to present forms to your customers.
* Support 4 different layouts: Default, Inline, 2 Columns 2 Lines, 2 Columns Inline.
* Support most popular frontend frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap 2, 3, 4, 5 and UIKIT 3.
* Form can be accessed directly via menu item or can be embeded into a Joomla! article.


Support 50+ Payment Gateways
Use payment plugins of your choice from more than 50 supported payment gateways to accept payments from customers.
* PayPal,, MoneyBooker, Eway and Offline Payment comes with the Payment Form by default.
* Other payment plugins can be purchased separately at Payment Form Payment Plugins.


Payments Management
Manage (browse, view, edit, publish, unpublish, delete) payment records from administrator area of your site.
* Approve offline payment records.
* Mass Mails allows you sending emails to allow payment records of certain form.
* Export payment records into CSV.


Create and use coupons code to give customers discount while processing payment.
* Support two types of discount: Fixed Amount Or By Percent.
* Limit coupon usage by date range or by number of times.
* Coupon can be enabled/disabled per form.

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