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Recurring Event Countd

Recurring Event Countdown


Recurring Event Countdown  v1.5

Version v1.5
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site Alex Polonski external
License Read Rules external
Views 2,665
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Smart Countdown Recurring Events adds recurring events support for Smart Countdown 3 module for Joomla. Countdown will automatically switch to the next event in a recurrence series after the current event is over. Event import plugins make the life of Joomla site administrator easier - there is no need to manually update countdown deadline and event titles for the next event each time when the previous event is in past. Event import plugins generate an events timeline and the main module can then display counter to the closest event and switch to next event even if the page was not refreshed.

A bunch of event import plugins is already available, but all of them require a specific Joomla component or a calendar service (Google Calendar) to be installed and/or configured. Smart Countdown Recurring Events is a stand-alone plugin and doesn't depend on other applications except (naturally) the main Smart Countdown module. Although not having the power of a professional event manager like Google Calendar, Smart Countdown Recurring Events will suit perfectly for simple recurrence scenarios and can be set up and running in minutes.

Requires Smart Countdown 3 or later. Not compatible with Smart Countdown 2.5! For 2.5 version browse project homepage.

Supported recurrence patterns:
- Hourly - event repeats several times during the day at a given interval starting from a given time. Supported intervals: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 hours.
- Daily - event repeats every day on a given time.
- Weekly - event repeats one or more days of a week on a given time. Unchecking all days will disable the pattern, checking all days will have the same effect as daily pattern.
- Monthly - event repeats on the date selected every month on a given time. Feel free to select dates greater than 28. Although not all months will contain the date selected, the date will be implicitly converted to the last day of month in such cases. Selecting "31" as the date for monthly recurrence will result in event repeating on the last day of each month.
- Monthly by week and day - event repeats on a selected day of selected week, e.g. "first monday", "third monday", "last friday" etc. of each month.
- Yearly - event repeats on the date selected on a given time. Date selection already implements basic validation, i.e. you will not be able to select JUNE 31. However FEB 29 is available and will have the following meaning: repeat event every year, for leap years - on FEB 29, for the rest of years - on FEB 28 (selecting FEB 28 will result in a repeat on FEB 28 for all years).
- Custom dates - not an interval-based recurrence. Enter up to 10 event date-and-times and they will be converted into a timeline. The counter will switch to the next event after the current one is in past.

Other features:

  • Event duration
  • Two independent configuration for each module instance with an option to merge both recurrence patterns into a single timeline (useful for different weekdays and weekends schedule model)
  • Supports the recently introduced Smart Countdown - countdown to event end: a countdown to event end time can be displayed while event is in progress.

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