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eSports - Gaming J2Store


eSports - Gaming J2Store  v.1.0

Version 1.0
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site JoomShaper external
Views 4,166
Dev Price $ 49
Price € 3.3
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eSports is a spectacular gaming Joomla template best suited for gamers, game developers, gaming studios, and other relevant niches to build an impactful website. It is the perfect solution for setting up a website for a talented eSport team. This template can also be used by gaming squads and creative studios.


The Joomla eSport template comes with 3 homepage variations allowing you to set up a unique website as you need. eSports is designed creatively and uses a dark color scheme. It includes call-to-actions for linking to your games, portfolio sections for featuring concept art, game showcase pages for describing games in detail, and a rich gadget shop to sell gaming accessories & equipment.



The eSports template QuickStart pack includes SP Page Builder Pro inside (save $49) so you can create and edit web pages using its front-end drag-and-drop live editing system and powerful addons. Easily add text, images, animations, interactions, and video clips to your pages.

eSports is fully-responsive & mobile optimized. Also, you can control the device-specific responsiveness effortlessly. Besides all of its aforementioned purposes, it is a good choice if you want to create a gaming website for your PC, PS5, XBOX games as well as mobile games.


Gaming is an ever-growing industry with millions of young people involved. It requires a visually rich presence on the web to make a game reach its audience. But, are there enough tools to create such a presence for the gamers, games, or game development studios? That question led us to create eSports, a Joomla template that showcases games and gamers in the right way.

eSports is an ideal Joomla gaming template for any game, gamer, and game studios. With its elegant design and rich features, it would be easier for game developers and studios to present their games to the real gamers. This gaming Joomla template comes as a complete package enabling anybody to kickstart a gaming website that can present games & gamers, team portfolio, showcases intense moments, display sponsors, upcoming events, and more.

Plus, with the power of J2Store and a nicely designed shop page, eSports can help you sell gaming gadgets and accessories on the site easily.

Features of the eSports Joomla template at a glance

Built with real-life gamers in mind
3 home variations
Showcase game trailers
Exclusive gadget shop powered by J2Store
Rich team showcasing with member profile
Nicely designed blog
Dedicated About page
Multiple built-in pages
Mobile-optimized responsive design
Conversion friendly presentation
Helix Ultimate & SP Page Builder Pro
Priority support and detailed documentation


Game Landing Home Variation
The Game Landing home variation of eSports is a fantastic landing page layout to introduce your games to the world. It is brilliantly crafted to display your game trailers, gameplay, reviews & ratings, launch platforms, release date, etc. This home variation will truly help you on your journey to success to make a strong first impression.


Hero shot with a persuasive CTA and social shares
Integrated video popup of gameplay featuring intense moments
Display game features, inside images, latest news, and updates
Showcase launch platforms, release date, social proofs, and more


Game Studio Home Variation
The Game Studio home variation of eSports is a strong fit for professional game developers to showcase their games and skills. It comes with a dynamic hero slider with a persuasive CTA to catch the attention of the visitors right away. From featuring your latest games and trailers, it has all the essential features to make you shine amidst the crowd.


Highlight the most played games attractively
Display videos of upcoming game trailers in a video slider
Deliver recent news and updates in a special section
Feature latest social media posts, supporting brands & sponsors


Tournaments Home Variation
Prepare to be mind-blown with the Tournaments variation of eSports. This layout is ideal for eSports teams and packed with features like trailer videos, sponsorship form, newsletter subscription, built-in shops, catchy hero section with effective CTAs, and more.


Professional introduction of teams for each game
A great looking hero section with CTA and video popup
Feature supporting brands, sponsors, recent news, and more
Sell apparel & merchandise to your clan to boost the game tournament


Game Trailers
eSports features a dedicated trailer page to list all game trailers in a single place. Interested gamers can have a sneak peek or special moments of the games in those trailers. You can let the gamers see inside of a game before they even play it.


Capture best moments and showcase them in trailers
Let gamers have ideas about a game in a short video beforehand
Place a trailer section on your homepage to draw visitors attention
Utilize this feature to offer Twitch-like realistic gaming feel


Gadget Shop Ready with J2Store
Gamers, game developers, gaming studios, or whatever the entity you represent, you will have related gaming gadgets and items like gaming consoles, mouse, headphones, gaming caps, T-shirts, and more to sell online. eSports along with J2Store makes it possible for you to have a gaming site with shop features.


Display gaming items in your game store attractively
Sell and accept payment via multiple payment gateways
Visually rich dashboard to track the transactions
Get extra exposure with gaming items and make money


Rich Team Showcasing with Member Details
eSports takes team-showcasing to a whole new level with a dedicated team page. You can add game-wise gaming squads with photos. Each squad can have multiple team members and each member has a rich profile page to showcase their records and moments.


List Multiple Squads: On the dedicated team showcasing page, you can display gaming squads according to the games linking each squad at the top for easier navigation.
Individual Member Profiles: Each gamer in the squad has a profile page to display their special moments, information, and gaming gadgets. These gadgets can be linked to shops too.


Nicely Designed Blog
eSports’ blog is designed to talk about online games, offline video games, gamer’s stories, and records to inspire more people to join in and participate. You can publish games news, announcements, instructions, and more for the gamer community to benefit and communicate easily.


Smart navigation with a convenient grid view
Striking presentation for the maximum engagement
Quick page load with mobile responsiveness
Stunning single page to inspire readers to stay long


Dedicated About Page
There’s a dedicated About page inside eSports to present your gaming studio smartly. Tell a bit of your background story, have special moments in a video, place social media profile links, display stats, and have a CTA button at the bottom.

Visually rich About page with images, gallery, and videos
An elegant hero section to ask people to join your gaming squad
Make it more engaging with CTR friendly sections
Showcase achievements, supporting brands, sponsors, and many


Quicker Site Launching with Built-in pages
eSports is packed with all the necessary pages required to reach your customers. These built-in pages can be set easily by editing the demo contents only. Pages like FAQ, Contact, Registration, and more will be so crucial to run a gaming studio or any gaming site successfully.


FAQ: Answer some of your visitors’ questions before they even ask you
Contact: Have a nicely designed contact page to make communication easier
Registration: Have more users by asking them to sign up using this page
Login: A differently designed and visually rich login page for your gaming site

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