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YouTubeR  v3.6.1

Version v3.6.1
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site Oleg Micriucov external
License Read Rules external
Views 2,850
Dev Price $ 29
Price € 4
6 Months Free Updates

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YouTube Joomla plugin YouTubeR – unique Joomla plugin, that allows you to easily embed YouTube videos, playlists, channels to your website and to upload videos on YouTube from your website and to. With this plugin you can create video outstanding video feeds, galleries on your website.


Prepare your website for showing YouTube videos in the best way. YouTube Joomla plugin YouTubeR is a powerful Joomla plugin for YouTube, which your website deserves. It allows selecting the desired playlists, channels and even single videos for creating your own gallery right on your website.

Once installed you have access to 6 months of customer support and updates in order to ensure that you’re taking advantage of all of the features that YouTubeR offers.


Why should you buy YouTube Joomla plugin YouTubeR:

  • easy embed YouTube videos/playlists/channels to your Joomla website
  • create YouTube video feeds, YouTube video galleries
  • fully responsive layout
  • infinite scroll for playlists
  • optimized for Joomla caching
  • supports cyrillic characters
  • customizable responsiveness
  • full control over plugin themes
  • 5 themes included
  • detailed documentation
  • lightbox included
  • AJAX powered
  • uses Google YouTube API v.3
  • display YouTube channel videos as a feed/gallery
  • display YouTube playlist as a feed/gallery
  • display single YouTube video
  • shows YouTube video meta data
  • shows video description
  • play YouTube video on your website without leaving it
  • display any amount of YouTube galleries
  • The ability to pick and choose which YouTube videos you embed on your site. Place YouTube videos in the middle of web page articles and other web text in order to create an interactive YouTube experience
  • No need for advanced coding to display interactive YouTube videos
  • YouTube Joomla plugin YouTubeR customer support for 6 months following YouTubeR download and installation
  • Readily available YouTube videos for website visitors viewing
  • Watch videos directly from your YouTube Joomla plugin YouTubeR, while also adding other videos that you view from the YouTube Joomla plugin YouTubeR or from the actual YouTube website
  • Display or hide the full screen YouTube video popup option
  • easy upload videos on YouTube from your Joomla website

Creating an interactive and informative website isn’t that hard if you download and install YouTubeR - Joomla YouTube plugin. Placing a YouTube video at the right spot on your website will create a multimedia experience that website visitors will never forget. YouTubeR allows you to display both YouTube videos that you’ve created, in addition to all other videos from the YouTube playlist/channel directly onto your website. Website visitors don’t have to go to the YouTube website in order to view relevant YouTube videos.


YouTube Joomla plugin YouTubeR Translations:

  • English
  • Polski
  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • Русский


How to Embed Joomla YouTube video Gallery on your Website?

Embedding our Joomla YouTube plugin will only take a couple of minutes and ill not require any developing skills. Here’s a brief installation guide:
- Purchase the YouTube Joomla plugin YouTubeR
- Install the YouTubeR package to your admin panel
- Write shortcode with the needed parameters

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