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Cart AutoSave for VirtueMart 3  v.1.0.4
Version 1.0.4
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
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We rewrite the popular aWeb Cart AutoSave plugin for joomla3, and vm3. It has the base functionality - save the cart automatically when your customer logout, or not finish the ckeckout - if Your customer come back and login, the plugin load back the saved cart automatically according to your settings reloading

Quantity saving

  • the plugin handle the product amount in cart
  • If User adding 4 products, after relogin the cart will reload 4 pieces of the product.


Product Publish Checking

  • check before reload the saved cart if the product still published
  • if the product get unpublished from the cart saving, the plugin not load back that one

Stock Control option

  • if you enable this option the plugin check the product stock avaibility
  • when the shop has less amount in the stock, than in the saved cart, the plugin reduce the quantity in the cart for the available value

Cart overwrite mode

  • cart overwrite mode on: If user add some product to the cart before login, the plugin will overwrite the saved cart with this products
  • cart overwrite mode off: if user add some product to the cart before login, the plugin will add the items to the saved cart and display them together
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