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Securitycheck Pro Control Ce

Securitycheck Pro Control Center


Securitycheck Pro Control Center  v.1.1.20

Version 1.1.20
Compatibility j3
Developer site Texpaok external
Dev Price € 27.95
Price 3.1 €
Remember to extract zip file!

Securitycheck Pro Control Center has been designed with one goal: to make Joomla! administrator's life easier. With Securitycheck Pro Control Center you will be able to:

Manage all your Joomla! websites from a centralized console.

Launch remote tasks and save time
Check for vulnerable extensions, look for malware, check your files integrity/permission, delete logs captured by the Web Firewall and even update oudated extensions!

Install extensions remotely
Select an extension and it will be installed on every remote site selected!

Launch automated backups of your sites
If AkeebaBackup is installed and frontend feature is enabled, you will be able to take a remote backup (requires Securitycheck Pro installed on the managed site).
Supported backup extensions: AkeebaBackup, X-Cloner Backup and Restore and Easy Joomla Backup.

Get info about outdated extensions
You will be able to upgrade them (even the joomla! core) to the latest version clicking on a button!

Full compliance with EU/your country privacy laws: keep your customers' data on your own website.

To launch all this tasks securely, we need a Securitycheck extension installed on the remote sites (free and Pro versions are valid).

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