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Admin Menu Manager

Admin Menu Manager Pro


Admin Menu Manager Pro  v.2.3.1

Version 2.3.1
Compatibility j3
Developer site Carsten Engel external
Dev Price € 20
Price 3.1 €
Remember to extract zip file!

Custom administrator menu at the Joomla backend. Fully responsive menu on Joomla 3. Multi-language menu-items. Add menu-items to the left, right, above or below, of the Joomla admin menu or replace the Joomla menu.

This suckerfish dropdown menu is 8 levels deep. You can copy menu-items from the Joomla menu or make you own custom menu-buttons (also with custom icons).

Access can be set for Joomla groups/levels per menu-item. So you can create one menu and display only the menu items each administrator needs to see. Access on menu items is optional.

Text and line separators can be added to the menus.

Will open menu items in targets:
- same window
- modal window
- popup window

Imports menu-items from
- the Joomla admin menu
- file (.csv and .txt)
- textarea
Exports menu-items to
- file (.csv and .txt)
- textarea

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