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Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields Pro


Advanced Custom Fields Pro  v.1.0.1

Version 1.0.1
Compatibility j3
Developer site Tassos Marinos external
Dev Price € 19
Price 3.1 €
Remember to extract zip file!

Extending your Joomla Website with Custom Fields has been a dream for many and now it has become a reality with Advanced Custom Fields! Advanced Custom Fields offers incredible flexibility and profound capabilities to your Joomla Content by giving you the power of popular services like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SoundCloud easy-to-use Google Maps and much, much more!

Supported Custom Fields
HTML5 Video
Create a field to display an HTML5 video player that can play a local or a remote video (MP4, Ogg, WebM) file.

HTML5 Audio
Create a field to display an HTML5 Audio Player that can play a local or a remote audio (MP3, Wav, Ogg) file.

Facebook Video
Create a field to embed a Facebook Video.

YouTube Field
Create a field to easily display a YouTube video just with the video's URL or its ID.

Vimeo Field
Create a field to easily display a Vimeo video just with the video's URL or its ID.

Google Maps Field
Display an interactive Google Map

Bing Maps Field
Display an interactive Bing Map

DailyMotion Field
Create a field to easily display a DailyMotion video just with the video's URL or its ID.

SoundCloud Field
Create a field to easily display a SoundCloud Player playing your desired track.

True/False Field
Create a toggle field to easily choose between true or false

TimerPicker Field
Create a timepicker field to easily choose the time.

Progress Bar Field
Show progress with the Progress Bar field

IFrame Field
Display any URL within an IFrame

Download Field
Force browser to download a file upon clicking instead of redirecting

Currency Field
Display a currency code

Country Field
Display country name or country code

Module Field
Render any existing Joomla! module

Coming Soon Custom Fields
Telephone Custom Field
Email Custom Field
File Upload Custom Field
Facebook Page Like Custom Field
Twitter Custom Field
WhatsApp Custom Field
Repeater Custom Field
Countdown Custom Field
Flickr Custom Field
QR Code Custom Field
Gravatar Custom Field
Advanced Custom Fields Features
Associate any module directly with your Content
Supports Joomla Articles, Joomla Users and all the extensions that take advantage of custom fields
Publishing Assignments -- Assign to Menu Items / Pages -- Assign to Datetime -- Assign to Countries/Continents (Coming Soon) -- Assign to User Groups -- Assign to devices (Mobile,Tablet,Desktop) -- Assign to URLs -- Assign to Domain referrer -- Assign to Languages -- Custom PHP assignment
One-Click Install
No coding needed
Instant Support
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