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Cookies Policy Notification Bar Pro -

Cookies Policy Notification Bar Pro - GDPR


Cookies Policy Notification Bar Pro - GDPR  v.3.8.1

Version 3.8.1
Compatibility j3
Developer site Web357 external
Dev Price € 29
Price 4.5 €
Remember to extract zip file!

A beautiful and functional EU Cookie Law Compliance Joomla! Plugin that provides a mechanism for informing your visitors about how you use cookies on your website in an elegant manner. It includes a variety of features (responsive, multilingual, include/exclude from pages, etc.) and parameters (block cookies, change colors, custom CSS, animation duration, etc.).

Cookies Manager (Functionality) (This parameter allows the users to accept or decline specific categories of cookies. They have the full control of cookies now, and they can change their cookies preferences anytime.) [NEW FEATURE in v3.5.0] NEW
Block Cookies Functionality (The cookies are disabled, till the User clicks on the "Accept Cookies Policy" button) NEW
GDPR Ready! Let the user to decide if accept or decline the cookies on the browser. [NEW FEATURE in v3.3.0] NEW
GDPR Compliance! Allow the user to reconsider (after acceptance), and give him the choice to delete the website cookies from his browser. [NEW FEATURE in v3.3.0] NEW
Store User's consent into the Database (Functionality to record and store visitor's consent (this record is not considered a personal data). We storing only the user IP Address and the date/time of acceptance. GDPR Rules!) [NEW FEATURE in v3.3.0] NEW
Shortcode Functionality. (You will be able to display a table with the accepted website cookies and give the opportunity to the user reconsider or delete the cookies from his browser. Example of shortcode:


.) [NEW FEATURE in v3.3.0] NEW
3 Options for the 'More Info' button (You will be able to choose the action of the 'More Info' button. Options are, 1) Custom link, 2) Link to a menu item, 3) Modal window with your Custom Text.) [NEW FEATURE in v3.2.0]
Multilingual Support (You can manage the message on the notification bar, the text buttons, the confirmation alerts, and other text-strings for each of your active languages.)
Cookie Expiration Time (Set the time that the cookie expires. If you enter 365 will set the cookie to expire in 365 days. If set to 0, the cookie will expire at the end of the session (when the browser closes) NEW
7 Styling Positions (Top, Bottom Center, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left and Bottom Right) NEW
Duration (The duration of the message (in seconds). After this time, the notification bar will disappear)
Animate Duration (The duration of the animation will run (in milliseconds). Default is 2000.)
Limit (The limit of how many times, the notification bar, will display if the visitor does not click on the button)
Message (The Message in notification bar. HTML allowed)
Font Color (The Font Color. Example: #fff or #ff0000 or green etc.)
Link Color (The Font Color. Example: #ccc or #f2f2f9 or red, blue, black etc.)
Font Size (The Font Size. Default is 13px.)
Background Opacity (The Background Opacity of notification bar)
Background Color (The Background Color. Example: #000)
Styling for all buttons (Set the font and the background color of each button, for the default or for the on-mouse-hover action)
Custom CSS (Enter your custom css code)
Custom Javascript (Enter your custom javascript code) NEW
Body Cover (Choose if you want to allow the notification bar cover the body of the page) NEW
Locked Overlay (The body of the page is locked until the user Accepts or Decline) NEW
Include or Exclude the plugin from selected pages (Display the cookies notification bar only in specific pages
Always Display (for Debugging) (The cookies notification bar will be displayed even if the user accepts or decline. This feature mostly used by admins in the first steps of setup and customizations.)

On 26 May 2011 the European Commission made the controversial 'Cookies Directive' law. It applies to the UK and all european countries. It mandates that the use of cookies on european business websites must be disclosed and explicit consent for their use be obtained from your users, however in the UK the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has suggested that it is sufficient to work on the basis of implied rather than explicit consent.

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