Josetta 2  v.2.4.3
Version 2.4.3
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
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Josetta is a multilingual content manager for Joomla 3.x, designed for ease of use, forward compatibility and performance. Translation is performed either on the frontend, directly by translators with no knowledge of Joomla!, or in backend: translation page appears in popup from anywhere in the backend of your site, for easy and immediate translation!

Josetta facilitates the translation of existing Joomla content in several languages by one or more translators with little or no knowledge of Joomla. Translators can easily monitor items that have already been translated and those that have not.

Without Josetta, administrators must continually copy content items like articles and modules in the Joomla backend and apply the appropriate translations.

Josetta hides all this complex work and translators can focus on creating great content. Importantly, Josetta provides a dedicated translation interface that can be used either on the frontend or in the backend of your site. This way, users do not need to learn how to navigate the Joomla administrative backend. They are presented only with fields that should be translated and cannot accidentally make changes to sensitive settings.

Josetta relies entirely on the native multilingual feature of Joomla and as such does not trap your translated content into its own format or database tables. You can install or remove Josetta from your site at any time, and your site will operate normally with content in all languages working as expected.

Thus, you can be confident that your translations will be fully compatible with future Joomla versions. Even if a migration is required, your translations are standard Joomla content items and you will be able to move it to new Joomla versions as they become available.

In addition, using purely native Joomla content means that your site will enjoy the fastest display times possible on your server as no additional database queries are required to retrieve your translations. Other translation solutions will increase the number of database queries thus slowing down your site.

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