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Version 1.8.1
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CM Social Connect is a social authentication component for Joomla! CMS, it gives Joomla! users ability to authenticate via social networks. Come with CM Social Connect component are a login module and some plugins which are required for the component to run.

At the present time there are 3 popular social networks supported:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

CM Social Connect is different to other social authentication Joomla! extensions, it doesn't provide "one-click" registration feature, users still need to choose their usernames, passwords, or provide their emails when signing up, no auto-generated username and no random password. CM Social Connect also has an option to manage connected social networks inside Joomla! standard user profile.

If Joomla! standard registration/login and Joomla! standard profile are still important to your site, CM Social Connect could be useful.

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