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EUL - Easy User Login

EUL - Easy User Login Pro


EUL - Easy User Login Pro  v5.0.0.0

Version v5.0.0.0
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site Viktor Vogel external
License Read Rules external
Views 538
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Frontend login in all user accounts for administrators (Group: Super Users) With Easy User Login, administrators can log into other user accounts in the frontend. The plugin adds a login button in the overview of the User Manager in the backend. Both core templates (Isis and Hathor) are supported. After the login, the logged-in administrator can perform all the actions that the user can do with his normal login. For security reasons, only users from the 'Super Users' group can initiate the login process. In addition, the login cookie is used to check whether the user is still logged into the backend.


The plugin is useful to test functions in the frontend or to perform actions for the user that are not directly possible without a login. The login is only possible in non-blocked accounts!



  • Frontend login to any user accounts for administrators
  • Only Super Users can execute the login process
  • Login button is added in the overview list in the User Manager
  • Access is protected with a security token and backend login cookie check
  • Logged-in administrator can perform all actions as the user with his normal login
  • Languages: English and German

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