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OL Nice Page


OL Nice Page  v.4.0.10

Version 4.0.10
Compatibility J3 & J4
Developer site olwebdesign external
Views 857
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Display articles or custom items in beautiful layouts with cool features such as parallax and background change. Nice page module is designed to show articles or custom items in beautiful layouts. The module settings allows to select the light or dark version. Styles one till three, have the cool feature of parallax and background change, which changes the page from light to dark or from dark to light, during scrolling. Give your website the look that deserves.


General settings

  • Style - Default / Slider / Style one / Style two / Style three / Style four
  • Version - Light / Dark
  • Heigh
  • Effects - Yes / No
  • Background change - Yes / No
  • Title float - Yes / No
  • Item disatance
  • Load Bootsrap - Yes / No
  • Load Jquery - Yes / No


Data Source:


  • Select Category
  • Child Category Articles
  • Category Depth
  • Featured Articles
  • Article Field to Order By
  • Ordering Direction
  • Count
  • Open Link
  • Category Title
  • Item Title
  • Title Max length
  • Description display
  • Description Max length
  • Date display
  • Show Read More
  • Images settings
  • From Image Intro - Yes / No
  • From Image Full text - Yes / No
  • From Inline Intro text - Yes / No
  • From Inline Full text - Yes / No
  • Order to Get
  • Resize Mode
  • Image Width
  • Image Height


Custom Items

  • Background change - Yes / No
  • Type - Image / Video / Youtube / Vimeo
  • Title
  • SubTitle
  • Info
  • Read More Link
  • Open link in new widow


Shows all items as full horizontally, with effect image reveal on mouse hover the item

Style One
Shows the image full width screen and the height of your choice. It has the option for details area as full height or normal depending of the text. You can chose in the setting background change, which will change the website background while scrolling

Style Two
This style loads articles or custom items in nice timeline view. Has the option for background change during scrolling

Style Three
It displays the items in another timeline style and optional background change during scrolling.

Style Four
This style loads the items in awesome layout, with the option to select how many items you want to display on a row.

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