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Content Templater

Content Templater Pro


Content Templater Pro  v12.0.5

Version v12.0.5
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site Regular Labs external
License Read Rules external
Views 2,919
Dev Price € 39
Price € 3.3
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Content Templater - make predefined content. With Content Templater you can create predefined reusable content templates for your Joomla articles, and much more.

No more need to copy and paste pieces of text you want to use more than once, or to manually copy article settings. Just make a content template of it!

You can very easily insert these content templates into your Joomla article (or other content) with one click by using the Editor Button. Or you can even make them load automatically based on specific conditions!


And Content Templater goes much further than just the content. You can also make entire page layouts, and automatically set/change any available option in the article edit form, like the Category or Title of an article, and even Custom Fields.


Here are some examples you can use Content Templater for:
★ Have a text snippet or a sentence you use often? Prepare it once, then simply insert it in articles with one click.
★ Instantly assign a predefined set of options to your article.
★ Pre-fill any article field with a predefined set of values, including custom fields.
★ Make completely custom page layouts, with any HTML code or style you need, that you can quickly re-use any time you want.
★ Use it in combination with Articles Anywhere (which allows you to place any article data anywhere) and literally create your own custom article layout, without the need of coding a template override and without needing to know any PHP.

And on top of everything, you can also assign content templates to conditions: would you like to have a custom layout automatically placed when creating an article in a specific category? You can do that with Content Templater!

Content Templater allows you to save a lot of time when creating articles (or other content). It's the Joomla extension that you never knew you needed, but once you try it, you will never want to go back!

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1 year ago
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Good idea and good component of you need tò create a catalogue
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1 year ago
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Good extension for predefined reusable content.
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