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JoomDonation Events Boo

JoomDonation Events Booking


JoomDonation Events Booking  v.3.9.1

Version 3.9.1
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
Developer site JoomDonation external
Dev Price $ 29
Price 4 €
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Joom Donation is powerful, features rich, easy to use Joomla donation extension. It allows you to collect donors information and get donation (onetime and recurring) from them via online payment gateways such as Paypal,, Eway, PayU Latam, Stripe .etc

Joom Donation Software With Flexible features

Support One time & Recurring donation
One time & Recurring donation
When users access to donation form to process donation, they can choose to make one time or recurring donation.

Unlimited Donation Campaigns
Joom Donation allow you to add unlimited campaigns and track donation progress for each campaign.

Flexible Donation fields
You can create un-limited custom fields to collect more information about donors. Custom fields can be assign to specific Donation Campaigns.

Responsive layout
Nice, Clean, Responsive Layout
Donors can process donation not only on PC, Laptop but also on Mobile devices such as Iphone, Ipad, smart phones.

Support 40+ payment gateways
Receive donation easily through many different payment options.

Emails Notification System
All Email messages can be configurable from back-end of Joom Donation.

Multiple modules and plugins
Support various modules like Donation Thermometer, Donation Campaigns, Donation Form etc.

Easy to use back-end management
Nice looking Dashboard allows you to quick access to important functions of the extension and also view latest donors, flexible Configuration and much more power management tools.

Integrated with third party extensions
Joom Donation has feature to integrate with many third party extensions like: Community Build, JomSocial, EasySocial, EasyProfile, Acymailling, CC Newsletter.etc

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

Support Onetime and Recurring Donation
When donor access to Donation form, they can choose to make one time or recurring donation.
The donation form is configurable. You can choose to show/hide, required/not required any fields on the form. You are able to create custom fields to collect more information about donors.
You can define pre-defined amounts for donation form. When donor make donation, they can choose from one of pre-defined amounts or enter specific amount into Amount field.
You are able to setup minimum and maximum donation amount for each donation transaction.
For recurring donation, donors can choose Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually) and number of recurring payments (or unlimited).
Donors can choose the payment gateways they want to use (in case you have multiple payment gateways available).
Donors can view their donation history through layout Donation History of Joom Donation component.
You also can show list of donors (on a module) or on a page by creating a menu item to link to Donation History view of Joom Donation.
Donors can choose to hide himself from donor list of they want (just check on anonymous donation checkbox on donation form).

Unlimited Donation Campaigns Supported
Joom Donation allow you to add unlimited donation campaigns and track donation progress for each campaign. If you create campaigns, from front-end, visitors will see list of campaigns and can choose to donate for the campaign they want. If you just need to have a simple donation form, you can turn of this feature
You can set GOAL, STARTDATE, ENDDATE and description for each campaign.
You can track how much money each campaign has received anytime you want.
There is also nice thermometer to show the progress of each campaign.
Each campaign can have it own pre-defined amounts.
Campaigns feature is optional. You don't need to use it if you only want to have simple donation form.

Flexible Custom fields on Donation Form
You can choose which fields are showed/hided, required/not required on donation form.
You are able to create un-limited custom fields to collect more information about donors (beside the basic core fields like First Name, Last Name....).
Each campaign can has it's own set of custom fields.
Support 9 different types of custom fields: Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown, Multi-Select, Checkbox List, Radiolist, Datetime, Heading, Message.
Responsive Layouts

Nice, Clean, Responsive Layout
Building on twitter bootstrap framework, Joom Donation is now responsive. That mean donors now can process donation through PC, Laptop and Mobile devices.
Emails notification

Powerful Emails Notification System
Notification Emails sent to administrator when someone make a donation.
Confirmation Emails sent to users when he completes donation.
All email messages can be configurable from back-end of Joom Donation.
Online Payment Gateways

Support 40+ payment gateways
The most popular payment gateways: Paypal,, Offline payment plugins come with the extension by default.
Other payment gateways such as 2Checkout, SIM (Server integration method) ,Google Checkout, First Data, iDEAL Mollie, Stripe, PayU Latam .etc are released as separate payment plugins. See Payment Plugins tab to see list of available payment plugins.
Using Omnipay payment library.
If you need a payment plugin which is not supported, you can contact us and we will give you quotation for the development.

Full features but Easy to use Back-end management
Nice looking Dashboard allows you to quick access to important functions of the extension and also view latest donors.
Flexible Configuration.
Easy to Create and Manage Donation Campaigns.
Manage donors (find, edit, delete, approve donation record) simply. You can also create donors manually from back-end.
Export donors into a CSV file.
Create and Manage Custom fields.
Install, change settings of the payment plugins which you use.
Change, customize messages / email messages.
Change, language strings (without having to edit language files directly) and translate it to different languages (if your site is multilingual).

Great JD Modules and Plugins
Donation module allow donors to choose (or enter) a donation amount and press Donate button to start the donation process
Latest Donors, Top Donors, Random Donors module.
Campaigns module list all campaigns, what is the GOAL and how much money that campaign has received, allows users click on Donate button next to each campaign to process donation form that campaign.
Thermometer module allow you to see the progress (Goal, Donated Amount, Percent processed) of a campaign. Users can then click on the donate button displayed under the thermometer rto process donation.
Content plugin to display donation form in a Joomla article.
Spam detect plugin to prevent spamming through Donation form


Multiple languages
If your site is a multilingual website, you can translate campaigns, donation form fields, email messages... to all languages use on your site
Built-in translation

Integrated with third party extensions
Joomla Profile, Easy Social, Easy Profile, Jomsocial and Community Builder: Auto fill-in donation form with data stored in user profile. Also there is a donation history plugin allows displaying registration history of a user in his profile.
Integrated with newsletter extensions such as AcyMailing, Acajoom, CCNewsletter so that when users make a donation, they will be assigned to mailing list and you can send emails to it later.
Open programming structure so that you can easy write plugins to integrate with third party extensions.

Support is currently Offline