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Aimy Speed Optimization

Aimy Speed Optimization Pro


Aimy Speed Optimization Pro  vv20.0

Version vv20.0
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site Aimy Extensions external
License Read Rules external
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Price € 4
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Increase the pagespeed of your website with Aimy Speed Optimization. Eliminate render-blocking (CSS and JavaScript), use preloading, minify HTML, make use of browser caching and compression and optimize image loading.


This easy to set up plugin comes along with the following features for a better page speed:

  • embeds and minifies CSS code
  • queues JavaScript elements asynchronously to prevent render blocking
  • uses preloading for queued CSS and JavaScript
  • minifies HTML
  • optimizes image loading with deferred loading or lazy loading (for different formats: jpg, png, webp, gif, tiff)
  • allows to embed images directly into the HTML code of a page
  • enables browser caching and compression via Apache's .htaccess file directly from the backend
  • ready in a few minutes

Check your pagespeed before and after the installation of the plugin and enjoy your optimization results and likely SEO benefits.

Why speed up your website?

In the first place you should have your users in mind: especially in mobile surfing you may loose visitors if your pages take too long to render. With a fast site you increase usability.

Besides that benefit, your website's page speed is one of the many criteria search engines take into account for ranking. So an optimized website may get a better position in search engine result pages (SERPs) and win more visitors this way.

Both may lead to higher conversions and increases your website's success.


How to speed up your website?

There are many options and factors that influence the pagespeed:

  • Configure Joomla! itself well. For example: disable unused plugins, enable server side caching, ...
  • Keep your installation up to date as updates often include optimizations of code.
  • Optimize CSS, JavaScript and HTML code and enable caching and compression in your .htaccess file.
  • Host your site on a server that performs well
  • Use PHP 7
  • Optimize image loading
  • Optimize images where possible, that is to
    • resize images to the actual size needed
    • compress them (i.e. using jpeg-recompress)
    • use modern formats like Google's WebP image format

With Aimy Speed Optimization code optimizations, caching and compression as well as image loading can be activated within a few minutes to increase page speed easily.


Boost your Page Speed

With this Joomla! plugin you can increase your page speed easily. Say goodbye to render blocking pages! A page's speed is one of the many criteria that you should think of in your search engine optimization (SEO).

The performance results depend on your individual setup. But have a look at our Case Study on Page Speed to see which results are possible. The case study is tested with Google's online tool PageSpeed Insights and increased performance by up to 36 points (mobile speed) and up to 27 (desktop speed) on a few real-life websites.

Aimy Speed Optimization allows to optimize image loading with deferred or lazy loading. Both methods speed up the rendering of your Joomla! website (What is the difference between deferred and lazy loading?). Additional options allow individual fine tuning.

Aimy Speed Optimization implements a lot of suggestions made by Google's PageSpeed Insights online tool you will find in the following feature list. For detailed information on the technology, please have a look at the documentation.

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