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SP Page Builder Pro - incl (Demos, Addons, Templates & Layout Bundles). SP Page Builder is a powerful, feature-rich and super fast drag and drop visual page composer for Joomla. The Page Builder lets you visually create a fully responsive and mobile ready website in minutes. The frontend (also backend) tool shows changes instantly without refreshing the page.

It empowers anyone to launch their Joomla site from scratch in the shortest possible time. SP Page Builder is trusted by 200,000+ people worldwide.


This Joomla page builder is an extremely powerful drag & drop tool. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, it lets you build a site independently! Quickly Launch A Conversion Friendly Website & Grow Your Business Instead of writing hundreds of lines of code, design your website visually with 50+ addons. Check the groundbreaking features of our Joomla page builder and grab now instead of wasting time elsewhere. Create Website Without Coding. 

Quickly Launch A Conversion Friendly Website & Grow Your Business
Instead of writing hundreds of lines of code, design your website visually with 50+ addons.


What Makes SP Page Builder the Best?
Check the groundbreaking features of our Joomla page builder and grab now instead of
wasting time elsewhere.

Build Everything Visually
1. Real-time Frontend Site Building
SP Page Builder features a shiny new frontend editing system. The Joomla page builder offers the fastest and most convenient web development experience. Watch your customizations LIVE in real-time, no popups, no preview!

2. Device-wise Responsiveness Controls
The Joomla page builder offers groundbreaking responsiveness controls that empower you to make websites fit for each and every device. While editing, you can load your site right on-board in mobile, tablet and desktop views to check the responsiveness and tweak if required.


Create Website Without Coding
1. Drag and Drop System
The award-winning drag and drop system of SP Page Builder makes it super easy to build a website. Everything is there on the Joomla page builder sidebar, you just drag and drop them on your site. Make the necessary tweaks using the live frontend editor, and you’re ready to rock!

2. Ready Sections and Template Designs
With SP Page Builder, you are all-in-one. Build a professional and functional website in minutes without any coding. Even, no previous designs required. All of these tedious tasks are done by the Joomla page builder. You get more than 90 ready-to-use section designs and around 25 complete page layouts to launch any site in a few clicks.


Pre-designed Templates
We offer a rich collection of pre-designed page layouts in SP Page Builder to speed up your development.


Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly Design
Whatever you build with SP Page Builder, that becomes fully responsive and mobile friendly. SP Page Builder uses Bootstrap 4 to get it done smoothly.
If you create a page with this tool, that will be 100% responsive and mobile ready. It’s like a magic.


Real-time Frontend Editing
SP Page Builder brings a whole new frontend editing system for your most convenient web development experience. Add an element, edit and see the changes in real-time.
Watch your customization as it takes place, no preview needed. Everything is happening right in front of your eyes.


Readymade Section Designs
Utilize 90+ ready-to-use section designs brought to you by SP Page Builder. These built-in sections will make your development work unbelievably easy.
Drag and drop any block of your choice and the page will get the design instantly. The whole process completes in moments!


Device Specific Responsiveness
'One size' doesn’t fit to all. That’s why in SP Page Builder, we have introduced device-specific responsiveness. You can render your site as in different devices and see how it looks on a certain device category.
The most exciting part is, you will experience all these customizations live!


Build Your Own Section Library
Forget making similar sections again and again for your website. With the new SP Page Builder library system, you can reuse a previously designed section repeatedly on different pages.
All you have to do is to save your design in the library and place it wherever you want. So simple, isn’t it?


Renovated System Structure
We’ve completely overhauled the SP Page Builder UI & UX. We have redesigned the complete look and feel of both the editors (back and front).
To make the development process faster, we said goodbye to “Modals”, everything is now live and within the reach of your hands.


Polished and Trendy Addons
The addons got a redefined new look with an extended number fields & functionalities. Now play around with our innovative addons more comfortably.
The new fields and customization tools will take your experience to a new standard. Bring your dreams into reality with these powerful addons.


Re-engineered Media Manager
SP Page Builder brings the most advanced media manager you can imagine. We have applied the trendy Material design concept to it. The re-engineered functionalities are really surprising.
It supports a lot of file types and attachments such as images, videos, documents and archives.


Amazing Shape Divider
Giving a different look to your website is easier with Shape Divider. There are lots of readymade shapes in SP Page Builder to design different parts of your webpages.
Adding shapes to the top and bottom of the website sections is quite easy. You can also invert and flip the shapes flexibly.


Customize Font Styles
Changing the styles of the texts is easier than ever with SP Page Builder. Setting the font weight and making it more attractive can be done easily right from the addon’s editing interface.
Pick a font then style it with all available options including text size, letter spacing, margin, alignment etc.


Google Fonts
Adorning your site with texts is incomplete until you have the way to choose your desired fonts. With SP Page Builder, you have the ability to use Google Fonts on your site.
Pick the right fonts from a vast collection of Google Fonts to get a great typography at the easiest effort possible.


Redesigned UI
The layout of SP Page Builder’s frontend editor is redesigned having Material Design at the core. Now you don’t have to open the addons or row options to modify the contents.
Every styling can be done on the sidebar. Also, we have improved the layout and UX of the backend editor.


Create Complex Row-Column Structures
With SP Page Builder, your creativity knows no bound. It’s possible to build any layout you can imagine.
Adding rows, columns, nested columns and inserting addons can be done in a blink of an eye. You can adjust margins, paddings and gutters to craft a perfect layout quickly.


Duplicate Anything in One Click
SP Page Builder offers copy-paste functionalities that will help you quickly create complex layouts by re-using existing rows, columns and addon arrangements. You can easily copy elements and paste them on desired positions.


Enable or Disable Rows/Columns/Addons
Easily enable or disable page elements such as rows, columns, and addons. The disabled element will still exist on the backend, but users will not see them on the live site.
This way, you can perform experiments and continue development activities without losing valuable customizations.


Unlimited Undo and Redo
Enjoy the unlimited undo/redo capability of SP Page Builder in a much better way with the latest tool. Using this feature, you can instantly undo or redo changes while editing a page.
It’s an incredibly useful functionality that you will find life-saving. Reverting to a previous state of a page is so easy.


Control Column Horizontal Spacing (Gutter)
With SP Page Builder, you can control column horizontal spacing known as ‘gutter’. Removing the gutter space may be required if your page design demands adjacent columns where there will be no space between two columns.
So, now you can comply with that by simply removing the gutter.


Multilingual Support
SP Page Builder offers 100% freedom in languages. Whatever may be your site language (including RTL scripts), the page builder will work natively. Moreover, with the language management system, you get a single-click method in the component to install new languages.
Then the page builder will be displayed in the languages accordingly with your site’s default language.


Pre-designed Template Layouts
25+ pre-designed page layouts are provided inside SP Page Builder Pro. You can use these readymade page layouts to launch a site in minutes.
Just choose a pre-built layout and customize it with your contents. The site is ready. New layouts are being added on a regular basis.


Export and Import Pages
It’s a really time-saving and convenient feature you must enjoy. With SP Page Builder, you can export page layouts and later import them to get the structure back.
The export-import feature lets you use a previously created page layout and build a site in the shortest period of time.


Unlimited Nested Rows
Using the nested row feature of SP Page Builder, you can insert rows inside the existing rows or columns to create complex page layouts and show contents exactly in the way you want.
This functionality opens a huge door of freedom in front of a developer and ensures a better UX for the end users.


Add Custom CSS to Pages
SP Page Builder packs a lot of innovative and useful tools that are more than enough to build any website layout and structure without coding a single line.
At the same time, the tool offers you the freedom of getting more personalized look by adding custom CSS to a page element. Enjoy!


Create Professional Joomla Articles
SP Page Builder supports native Joomla articles. It lets you utilize the tool’s powerful features to decorate selected Joomla articles with the ultimate freedom. So create, beautify and manage Joomla articles more professionally with SP Page Builder.


Rich Editing Experience with JCE
You’ve demanded it, and we’ve delivered it. SP Page Builder Pro comes with JCE editor support which will enable you to use JCE facilities inside the SP Page Builder text editing interface.
So a new option is now open before you in case if you don’t want to use TinyMCE editor.


Page Builder Module
Now you can use addons like tab, accordion and so on in any Joomla! module position with the Page Builder Module.
It facilitates to create beautiful designs in module positions without any manual coding.


Facebook Open Graph Data
Open Graph data plays a vital role in social media appearance of a site. For example, Facebook collects link title, description and thumbnail images from the open graph data.
Using SP Page Builder open graph settings, you can easily define your page title, page description, thumbs and so on.


Create K2 Items Visually
Many of you use K2, the popular content extension for Joomla sites. Besides native Joomla articles, SP Page Builder supports K2 items as well.
That means you can now edit and style your K2 powered contents directly using the diverse SP Page Builder functionalities.


Compatible with J2Store
Managing a shop page or eCommerce site with J2Store? It’s very crucial to present your products in the perfect way to grab the maximum extent of customer attention.
SP Page Builder lets you decorate J2Store item descriptions to make them more attractive and gain the best conversion rate.


On-page ACL
Utilizing ACL (Access Control List) support, you can control the accessibility separately for each page or single Addon for different user groups.
This functionality empowers you to show/hide any page or element for specific types of users. This can play a crucial role in a better site management and protecting privacy.



3rd Party Integrations
Our Joomla page builder works with Joomla articles, and extensions like K2 & J2Store.
Joomla Article: Edit and style native Joomla articles with SP Page Builder to create rich and professional blog posts.
K2: Use SP Page Builder to decorate and manage K2 contents, and ensure offering stunning quality contents.
J2 Store: Make J2Store built product descriptions even better using the fantastic SP Page Builder tools and boost sales!


Why Build with SP Page Builder ?
You got tons of reasons to choose our Joomla page builder. So, why not?
Visual Joomla Page Builder
SP Page Builder features lots of amazing functionalities that make it the most complete and robust Joomla page builder.
Super Fast Site Building
With ultrafast tools, the Joomla page builder lets you create full-featured, 100% responsive & mobile optimized sites in a snap.
Real Time Website Design
Build your site in real-time. Browse a page, edit elements and see changes instantly. Drag, drop and customize everything live!
SEO & SMM Optimised
The Joomla page builder correctly utilizes page title, meta tags, meta keywords, thumbnails and Open Graph data for perfect SEO & SMM.
Save Development Cost & Time
This Joomla page builder minimizes the time & cost required to create web pages by reducing workload. It’s unbelievably efficient.


Powerful Addons to Build Super-functional Sites
Joomla page builder with 50+ addons to help you create a wonderful site.

• Joomla Module
• Animated Number
• Carousel Pro
• Flip Box
• Icon
• Modal Popup
• Pricing Table
• Soundcloud
• Text Block
• Video
• Timeline
• Form Builder
• Image Overlay
• Price List
• Accordion
• Article
• Button
• Clients
• Empty Space
• Gallery
• Image
• Opt-in Form
• Progress Bar
• Tabs
• Twitter Feed
• Icon Groups
• Slideshow
• Table
• Contact Form
• Audio Player
• Button Group
• Countdown
• Feature Box
• Google Map
• Image Content
• Person/Team
• Raw HTML
• Testimonials
• Animated Heading
• Image Carousel
• Navigation
• Team Carousel
• Alert Message
• Block Number
• Carousel
• Divider
• Flickr Gallery
• Heading
• Instagram Gallery
• Pie Progress
• Social Share
• Testimonial Pro
• Articles Scroller
• Image Layouts
• Open Street Map
• Testimonial Carousel

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1 month ago
Your review
the Joomla search function does not work with simple Portfolio extension from Joomshaper and the support team is very unfriendly in this regard
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1 month ago
Your review
very comfortable builder for Joomla, but in this version I cannot download the elements of Sections Library by working with SP Pagebuilder 😎
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  • Member Admin 1 month ago
    All elements available for installation are attached with SP Pagebuilder.
    • cebylon Member 1 month ago
      I used SP Pagebuilder a lot of years with Agency Unlimited Websites License, now I am retired and have no license any more. I can use SP pagebuilder with nearly all the features, but for download p.e. preformed Slideshows in Sections Library, Joomshaper checks the license number and the email, and if it does not match, you have no chance- try it, you see it - or I am false.
1 month ago
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very nice tool, easy to use. I love it
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4 months ago
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Best site and best extension
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7 months ago
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best builder useful
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Ya está la versión 5.0.10
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By far the best page builder for joomla, easy and fast to use
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1 year ago
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The best builder for joomla.
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magnificent builder for pages. A must
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Excellent Page Builder Plugin
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A Must have for joomla website!
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Fantastic Builder
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Great landing builder
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Must have for joomla!
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Wersja PRO ma o wiele więcej możliwości niż wersja Free więc warto zakupić wersję PRO :)
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  • Member Admin 1 year ago
    Thanks for the great review 😀
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Great builder
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  • Member Admin 1 year ago
    Awesome 😊