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Power Tabs Jo

Power Tabs Joomla


Power Tabs Joomla  v1.2.1

Version v1.2.1
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site JoomlaXTC / Monev external
License Read Rules external
Views 2,598
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The Power Tabs Component and Module takes your website to the next level with tab-based animated slideshows of any kind. Set one or more displays using any image or Joomla! Content, or create amazing custom displays with videos, HTML/CSS or even other Joomla modules and animate them with several configurable effects.

This is a brief list of Power Tabs features:

Unlimited Slideshows with unlimited slides
User-defined slideshow size to fit your template
Enable or disable Joomla! content plugin support
Configurable starting slide
Six customizable animation effects including Switch, Fade and Slide
Nine configurable transition modes
Selectable transition flow, duration and pause times
Twelve pre-made and editable layouts to get you started fast
Supports advanced features such as custom HTML and CSS
Three different slide modes allows for easy inclusion of images,
Joomla articles or custom HTML code.
Configure image links with individual URL and Window modes
Supports user pre-made and/or custom embedded text strings
All custom strings are available for translation
Automatic images per language for custom translation designs


Unlimited clickable Tabs per slideshow
Custom slideshow layouts enable positioning of tabs anywhere, not just in a tab-bar
Individual tabs can be configured to have "On" and/or "Off" modes and size
Support user pre-made or custom embedded text strings
All custom strings are available for translation, including image mode
Use any image file with the included media browser or define your own HTML code for each tab state
Supports custom tab designs with 30 ready-to-use templates to get you started
Automatic and/or manual tab animation changes


Create multiple Joomla! menu links to any slideshow
Use multiple module placement to display one or more slideshows on-screen
Easy Slideshow and Tab management with standard Joomla features
Configurable media browser to select/upload image files
Configurable tabs display with custom thumbnail sizes for easy management
Works with standard or custom administration templates
Fully Joomla API compliant
Native compatible with Joomla! Mootools 1.1 and 1.2
Independent Slide and Tab transition flows
Selectable flow buttons with a choice of positions
Add your own Buttons and Tab designs

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