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JUX Portfolio

JUX Portfolio Pro


JUX Portfolio Pro  v1.1.5

Version v1.1.5
Compatibility J3 & J4
Developer site JoomlaUX external
License Read Rules external
Views 3,377
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JUX Portfolio Pro is an indispensable component developed by the JoomlaUX team to present your tons of images and videos. It supports users to display products in a neat and eye-catching way. The component manages performance by Tags or Categories.


Each item can be shown with the short description and “read more” part, depending on your wish. Slightly unlike its brother JUX Portfolio, JUX Portfolio Pro’s lightbox shows images or videos only and you need to click to category or name tag if you wish to read describing text. This is super because it doesn’t force you to read what you don’t intend to read, and images will be shown more clearly and better. Portfolio Pro can display with custom width or 100% width responsive. It even supports tablets and smartphones like the iPhone, iPad, Android devices.


Fully responsive

JUX Portfolio is designed to be shown clearly and neatly on any screen size. No matter how small your device screens are, it will automatically adjust to fit on those screens and display perfectly.


A creative style in the user interface

JUX Portfolio Pro features 3 layout styles that are: Classic, Masonry, and Packery layout style.
Classic layout: With this traditional layout, you can freely choose the numbers of columns that you want your images to be shown, and then you have to do nothing because all images will automatically adjust to fit the Landscape, Squared, and Portrait frame.
Masonry layout: With this flexible layout, you can freely place items in an optimal position, freely to arrange them depending on your wish, without an unnecessary gap, no matter how different their sizes are. You will be a real artist with this amazing layout.
Packery layout: With the Packery layout, your images will automatically be fit the frame without a gap. There are 4 different size sets that you can choose to show: 1x1; 1x2; 2x1; 2x2. Just click and all are perfectly performed on the screen.
Depending on your website layout that you can choose desirable columns for different layout styles.


Lightbox displays image and video

Lightbox appears when you click on the picture and it will show the full size of the image. If you have an interest in any image, just click on the name tag/category and the full description will be already.
Not only image, videos can be displayed in the lightbox also. JUX Portfolio supports videos from Youtube and Vimeo.


Hover dir effect

This is a brand-new feature that has never been included in the previous Portfolio module. It’s hard to say how amazing and wonderful it is but give it a try. It’s like a continual tune when you move the mouse and glide it on screen. How to smooth it is!


Fully functional backend

It’s not so complicated to control your portfolio page with all the necessary options in the backend. Creating Categories, Items or Tags; on/off functions in Portfolio list, etc. are pieces of cake now.


Highlight features

  • A creative, clear style in the user interface
    • 100% Responsive
    • Compatible with tablets and smartphones
    • Flexible options for displays on different devices
    • Support image and video of Youtube, Vimeo
    • Filter by Category or Tag
    • Have unlimited items.
    • Support 7 layout styles for each item in details
    • Support 3 layout styles
    • Easily select the desired column number that will be shown.
    • Hover dir effect- everything moves so smoothly!
    • Support Custom CSS
    • Support multiple languages
    • Support all major web browsers: IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera …

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