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JXTC Appointment Book Man

JXTC Appointment Book Manager


JXTC Appointment Book Manager  v1.7.0

Version v1.7.0
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site JoomlaXTC / Monev external
License Read Rules external
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The Appointment Book Manager component is an easy-to-use tool to create and administer appointment requests for one or multiple calendars.

# Features:

* Unlimited calendars with independent configuration
* Selectable days of the week for appointments, including weekends
* Optionally assign existing Joomla! users as Calendar owners
* Use joomla! user address or an alternate email address for optional appointment notifications
* Configurable start and end times for daily schedules
* Variable appointment durations in 5 minute increments
* Appointment Subject and up to 10 custom fields available to register booking information
* Custom field types such as plain text, multiple-line, radio selectors, drop-down selector or multiple selection inputs, each having their own set of unlimited options and 'required' attributes
* Completely editable profile information for each calendar, including full support of images, HTML and CSS
* Display one or more calendar profiles in the front page or as a menu option with optional link for their own booking form
* Unlimited appointments per calendar
* AJAX-based unlimited calendar picker displays what days and time slots are available, partially booked or fully booked at any given month
* Administrators can use four different views of appointment information: by Day, by Week, by Month or List mode and create new appointments at any time
* Selectable filters on each view ease the management and location of appointments
* Organize your time schedules by day, week or month with complete appointment information on tooltips and editable 1-click away
* Display full daily schedules or just "busy hours" for easier management
* Enable or cancel appointments with automatic notification emails sent to both calendar owner and appointment author
* Front page booking form can be shown in the same browser window, a pop-up window or Modal screen
* Fully customizable text or HTML Button for appointment booking
* Selectable display formats for time and date information
* Custom front-end themes
* Edit custom text to be shown on booking form including full HTML/CSS support
* Set custom Width and Height for pop-up or modal booking forms
* Fully editable email templates for both calendar owners and appointment authors, including over 18 custom tags to display specific information
* Email profile test option lets you review how emails will look before being sent
* Maintain your database at optimal size by purging any range of appointments from the system.
* Export any calendar in iCalendar format for compatibility with Google Calendar, Facebook, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Calendar, Thunderbird and dozens more!
* Export any calendar in CSV format and load it on any spreadsheet application such as Mic

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