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Advanced Virtuemart Invo

Advanced Virtuemart Invoices


Advanced Virtuemart Invoices  v4.1.4

Version v4.1.4
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site cmsmart external
License Read Rules external
Views 3,202
Dev Price € 57
Price € 4
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A powerful Virtuemart component to create Virtuemart orders, issue PDF invoices, change invoice layouts...inside Virtuemart admin panel

It is great if you are using Virtuemart store because it is always leading platform on ecommerce. Advance Virtuemart Invoice is one of essential extensions that you should install to make your website powerful.


Order and Invoice management has never stopped being a big concern of any online business. You get a huge amount or order, how do you create invoices for them if you have never heard about Advance Virtuemart Invoice? Now your work has never become easier than ever.

Internet has changed the ways people operate their business and online shopping is dispensable part of life. With each online store, they faced a serious problem is the Order Management which doesn't support an Invoice Creation or Batch Invoices Generation. If you are an online shopper, do you want to receive an offline order and invoice via phones and email? It is convenient when Advance Virtuemart Invoice is released.

Advance Invoice brings not only shoppers but also admins the last target of business. With widest range of variables, PDF Invoice Plus is the perfect tool to customize your invoice without any technical knowledge required. Simply drag and drop fields & insert any variables to create exactly the documents you need.
You will update your business status quickly with Advance Invoice and change business orientation in order to adapt market.



  • It is powerful tool in admin panel that increase your sales volume. Create a new order in admin panel, you can create a new order quickly with just one click, it is an outstanding feature in this extension.
  • Download all PDF invoice to your computer. Easily download PDF invoices as many as you wish.
  • Send invoices emails to buyers. You don't need to wait for receiving an invoice offline anymore and get it through email any time. The more you wait, the more you losing an opportunity and your competitor is winning.
  • Search or filter order with options. Filtering your order quickly as requirements
  • Advanced Invoice Template Customization
    • Customize template to make an invoice interesting.
    • Editing any template is extremely easy, that is helpful for your displaying.
    • You can drag fields, re-arrange or remove them from your own invoice template.
    • Drag and drop each of template fields to add or remove or re-arrange these fields into your own invoice template.
    • Edit each of fields' elements (font size, width, align, text color, background color) inside the template editor.
    • Interface user friendly.
    • 100% a Virtuemart Extension, no Virtuemart hacks!
    • Send a PDF Invoice like an e-mail attachment
    • Export an invoices list in the PDF document format.
  • Able to add statistic function
  • Easily customize orders: you can edit exiting orders and change status
  • Quickly update order status by Batch action: With a huge amount of orders daily, many choices of order status will be shorten your time.
  • Automatically create PDF invoices. When your order change to confirm status, PDF invoices will be automatically created
  • Complete area in One page
    This area page with many icons which show statistics and evaluation rate of products and stores
    • Total order for the period by status
    • Order list for the period was selected
    • Top 5 the best product selling
    • Top 5 products in the selected period
    • Monthly revenue
    • Total order by country
  • Switch type of view chart. Many types of chart will bring you a comprehensive view of your business status
  • You may sort total orders in countries. With sort function, you can quickly sort out increasing or decreasing all statistics of orders follow countries if wanted
  • Monthly Revenue Report via a chart. This function of chart is very clear for you to show and view monthly exact revenue statistics of products and order.
  • Report top 5 bought products: you have 2 reports Top 5 best selling products and Top 5 best selling products for the period was selected. 
    All best selling statistics rates in top 5 ranking will be shown out under 2 forms of graph to make customers see clearly.
  • Filter orders in the selected period. You just need to fill the specified time or full time into calendar symbol to show out needed data.
  • Cross-Browser Support, this extension themes work great with all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9+
  • 100% Virtuemart extension, no Virtuemart hacks. You do not worry while installing, it is safe for your site.

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