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Admin Tools Professional is a comprehensive security enhancing component and site administration toolkit for your Joomla!™ site.


We were the first component to offer a triple layer of security for your site: active server security with our .htaccess, NginX Conf and Web.Config Maker; active application security with our Web Application Firewall; passive security with our PHP File Change Scanner which detects new, modified and deleted files on your site and assesses them for signs of malicious intent. On top of that we offer a plethora of site administration tools to make your life easier.

We have two currently maintained version families. Admin Tools 7: Joomla 4, PHP 7.2 or later. Admin Tools 6: Joomla 3.10, PHP 7.2 or later.



  • Quick setup wizard. Get up and running in a minute or less!
  • Security tightening .htaccess (Apache), nginx.conf (NginX) and web.config (IIS) file generator with a simple yet powerful user interface.
  • Highly configurable Web Application Firewall which blocks attacks threatening your site (such as SQL injection, XSS, DFI, RFI, malicious user agent, CSRF/spam-bot protection etc).
  • Settings protected by a password, to keep those tinkering clients from breaking their site.
  • Create temporary Super Users for when you want third party developers to have time–limited access to provide support directly on your site.
  • Emergency off–line mode.
  • Restrict access to the administrator login with a secret URL parameter and/or a server–level directory password/
  • Bad word filtering.
  • IP exclusive allow list to allow access to /administrator only for specific IPs.
  • IP deny list to permanently block IPs or blocks of IPs.
  • Modify sensitive or security–related HTTP headers beyond what Joomla can do.
  • Email on administrator login.
  • Block front-end Super User log-in.
  • Block or monitor Super User creation or modification.
  • Block fingerprinting attacks.
  • Project Honeypot IP blacklist integration.
  • Automatic IP blocking of repeat offenders.
  • Email notifications of all detected security issues.
  • URL redirections (exclusive support for query parameters!).
  • Scheduled site maintenance operations.
  • Database, users, temporary folder and session maintenance.

...and many more!


The software is GPL; buying a single subscription you can install it on as many sites as you want and keep it running even after your subscription expires, without encrypted code, domain limitations or other such nuisances.

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If you want maximum security on Joomla you need it.
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Perfectly eliminates site vulnerabilities on Joomla.
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