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Akeeba Ticket System

Akeeba Ticket System Pro


Akeeba Ticket System Pro  v5.3.5

Version v5.3.5
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site Akeeba external
License Read Rules external
Views 3,562
Dev Price € 40
Price € 4
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Provide support services on your site, the easy way. BBcode or full HTML editing. Email replies. WYSIWYG email template editing. Multilingual support. And much more!

Multiple categories
Take advantage of Joomla!'s powerful nested categories management for your support ticket categories

bbCode, WYSIWYG or email
You get to decide how your users will file their tickets. On your site, using bbCode (forum code) or a rich text editor. Or maybe via email? Perhaps a mix of the two? It's all possible.

Rich email templates
Text only emails are so 1998! Give your users a beautiful, HTML email without having to go to design school. Our email template editor uses Joomla!'s WYSIWYG editor for optimum ease of use.


Akeeba Ticket System automatically searches public tickets and your documentation (if you use Akeeba DocImport3). It shows the results while your users are still typing out their ticket. It's like mind reading, without the crystal ball. The end result? Fewer tickets to be answered by human agents, more satisfied clients!


All Features
Akeeba Ticket System Core Professional
Multiple nested support categories
Included in Core
Public or private tickets
Included in Core
Forced public or private tickets per category

Submit tickets over the web
Included in Core
World-class HTML filtering
We use the Purify HTML library – the most well-known, independently audited HTML filtering library – to process the incoming ticket text. This is far more secure than Joomla's dated and insecure HTML filtering. Therefore you can safely allow full HTML formatting, even in guest tickets.

Included in Core
Submit tickets by email

Ticket assignment to specific support staff

Open tickets view
Included in Core
Manager notes
Private notes seen only by support staff.

Send emails on ticket creation / reply

Customisable email templates
With WYSIWYG editor.

Canned replies

Automatic replies
Based on ticket category, title, content and status.


Custom fields

Custom ticket statuses
Up to 99 custom ticket states to better cater for multi-stage support workflows.


Credits (virtual currency) system

Automatic ticket system off-line schedule

Ticket buckets for mass-replying to similar tickets

Front-end ticket management for support staff
Included in Core
Custom module positions for layout customisation
Included in Core
AlphaUserPoints integration

Gravatar integration

Joomla! Search and Smart Search integration

CRON scripts
Automate administrative functions like auto-closing old tickets, remove old attachments, retrieve emails, send automatic replies etc.

DocImport3 integration

Automatically propose related public tickets to prevent unnecessary tickets.


Statistics on Abandoned / spared by InstantReply tickets.


Time tracking
Ticket print view
User tagging

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1 year ago
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Good ticket management system from Akeeba
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1 year ago
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A melhor extensão para backups/restauros.
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2 years ago
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very successful
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