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ARI Smart Content - Graphs & Ch

ARI Smart Content - Graphs & Charts


ARI Smart Content - Graphs & Charts  v2.2.37

Version v2.2.37
Compatibility Joomla 3
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ARI Smart Content" combines various Joomla! widgets like: accordion, table wrappers, tabs, popup, scrollers, news sliders, lightbox, graphs and charts, image galleries and many other with ability to show data from different sources: database, CSV files, Flickr and Picasa services, local images, Joomla! articles and K2 items and etc.


In most cases you don't need technical knowledge to use the power of different pluggable effects in your Joomla! system. More over, you don't need to find and pay for different Joomla! extensions such as Joomla! table extension, tabs component, accordion plugin, lightbox addons, Joomla! news and image slider, CSV and database extension and other.


The extension contains the following applications:

  • Accordion creates a responsive accordions with jQuery UI themes support. Can create accordion from inline items, based on K2 or Joomla! articles.

  • Cloud Carousel is a responsive and mobile friendly 3d image carousel. Supports a lot of parameters for customization and can be integrated with lightbox addons.

  • Datatable is advanced table extension with sorting, filtering, paging and other useful abilities. Supports jQuery UI themes and data loading via AJAX.

  • Easy Slider creates a responsive slider with themes support. Can create it from inline items, based on K2 items or Joomla! articles.

  • Fancybox is a mobile friendly lightbox with ability to show data from different source and a lot of parameter for customization.

  • File Loader embeds files into Joomla! articles or other content. Can be used to create a basic template system, it is possible to use variables in files.

  • Google Chart shows a responsive charts. Supports different chart types such as area chart, bar chart, column chart, line chart and pie chart.

  • HTML Table creates a HTML table based on data from the selected data source (database, CSV files and etc.).

  • Media Gallery creates a responsive image gallery with paging support and ability to integrate it with lightbox extensions.

  • Nivo Slider is a powerful, mobile friendly image slider with support of different transition effects (including ken burns effect). It can be integrated with different lightbox extensions.

  • Repeater shows data from the selected data source according to defined template.

  • Org Google Chart creates organizational charts using Google charts API.

  • Sexy Lightbox is a powerful lightbox extension with themes supports. Can show images, videos, Flash objects, web pages and other content.

  • Tabs creates a responsive tabbed content with jQuery UI themes support. Can create it from inline items, based on Joomla! articles or K2 items.

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