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HTML 2 Arti

HTML 2 Articles


HTML 2 Articles  v2.7.17

Version v2.7.17
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site Barnaby Dixon external
License Read Rules external
Views 2,863
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Import HTML pages as Joomla articles in seconds! Have you built a Joomla site? Do you now want to import content to it, but don't want to spend hours and hours copying over all your old pages? Use HTML 2 Articles to import all your HTML page content to Joomla - in just seconds per page. HTML 2 Articles was designed to import HTML pages to Joomla as easily and as painlessly as possible. You can import HTML sites from 1 page to 10,000 pages with just a few clicks. Just queue the HTML pages for import, sit back, and let it work.


HTML 2 Articles will import the content from HTML pages to Joomla almost instantly. Each individual HTML page creates a new Joomla article. The new article is saved to your Joomla article manager and can be used exactly as a normal article.

As far as is possible, all of your configurations, metatags, keywords, content structures, titles, images and links are preserved and imported, converted to UTF-8 format for optimal Joomla integration, and saved to your Joomla system.

Each article takes an average of just 20 seconds to import and process - which includes import of your images, W3C validation, and conversion of your HTML content to UTF-8 encoding.

Imported pages take on your Joomla template structure and stylesheets, and you can specify the category to which you wish to import the new articles.

You can even queue hundreds of HTML files at a time for import, and leave it running until import is complete. During import, each file's content is automatically processed and fully integrated with your Joomla install.

There is extensive documentation to help you if you need it during the import process - but the HTML 2 Articles import wizard is very intuitive and easy to use. Just click through the wizard, change settings where needed, and then queue your HTML files for upload.

Additionally, HTML 2 Articles is backed with a full guarantee and support, so if you do hit any problems at all during import of your HTML files, please send us an email and we'll be more than happy to help.

Please read some of our users' rave reviews to find out more!



* Near instant import of HTML files to your Joomla! installation
* Powerful HTML clean up & tag stripping options
* Inbuilt W3C Validation engine to repair and validate all imported pages
* HTML tidying, repair and validation of imported pages 'on the fly'
* Automatic import and integration of your images and documents
* Support for all charsets, encoding types and language sets
* Automatic conversion to UTF-8 encoding for optimal Joomla integration
* Full documentation
* Automated import process logging
* Automated import error logging
* Queue 100s of HTML files at a time for import
* Automatically import your article title, alias, keywords and description from your imported HTML file's metatags or content
* Define your new imported Joomla article parameters such as category, author, access level



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