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Maximenu CK Pro & Pa

Maximenu CK Pro & Params


Maximenu CK Pro & Params  v10.1.6

Version v10.1.6
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site Cédric KEIFLIN external
License Read Rules external
Views 3,166
Dev Price € 29
Price € 3.5
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Make the same menu as on is a RESPONSIVE Megamenu, dropdown menu with multicolumns and multirows.

Create your own Joomla megamenu. Multicolumns, module loading, menu image, multiples themes styles.

You can also load some modules inside. iPhone, iPad, Android compatible. Virtuemart, Hikashop, Joomshopping, AdsManager compatible.

Demo video: Watch the video to see how Maximenu CK works. You can see how fast it is to create your menu, how to create the columns, add a description and icon to each menu link very quickly! 



This menu provides some advanced features :
- Multicolumns AND multirows
- Accessible megamenu : pass the WCAG tests
- Themes are responsive design
- Dropdown with nice effects
- Description can be added for each link of the menu
- Loading of module in the menu
- Horizontal or vertical orientation
- MVC structure so the output can be easily overridable in the template
- Image only in the title of each link
- Fancy effect on first level items
- Possibility to have multiple modules on the same page, horizontal or/and vertical
- CSS class, href attribute and column specific width with the plugin Maximenu_CK Params
- SEO optimized
- Compatible with mobile devices iPhone, iPad, Android
- option to open submenus on click, mouseover, close on click only
- Virtuemart compatible
- Image menu with suffix for mouseover images
- Hikashop compatible
- RTL compatible with a specific stylesheet (see the documentation)
- Joomshopping compatible
- Set a custom text and image for the mobile version (using the mobile plugin)
- Icon selection for each menu item
- Integrated menu manager


Logo position
Add a logo to your menu and choose where to place it : left, right, top or center


Fast Menu manager
Order your menu items like you want with the menu manager directly inside the module. Rename the title, add a description, select an image, icon or module directly from the popup.


Fast and easy styling
Use a dedicated interface to style your menu. Give the colors, margins, borders and what you want and see the result directly in the instant preview. You can also use the themes presets to have a one click designed applied to your menu.


Multiple layouts
Create any type of menu just by selecting any of the installed layouts : default dropdown, fullwidth, pushdown, nativejoomla, select list.


Rows and Columns
You can totally control the layout of your submenus by creating the columns and rows on any item. Using the fast menu manager you can select where to create them very quickly and see directly the result on frontend.


Designed to be used with the TAB key, to help disabled people to navigate through the menu and the submenu easily. It passes the WCAG tests

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