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Vertical Social Share Vote Bu

Vertical Social Share Vote Button


Vertical Social Share Vote Button  v5.5

Version v5.5
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site JoomlaKave external
License Read Rules external
Views 2,734
Dev Price $ 25
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“Fixed vertical Social share and Vote button plugin” is a system plugin for joomla that helps to show social share button/vote buttonf or home page or current page url in left or right side vertical place in a flexible way. It’s doesn’t same thing like our another content plugin but this one is a plugin.

This plug in is indispensable to encourage your visitors to share and vote for your content, thus not only promote your content on Social Media but also helps understand which content on site has more approval to the target audience. The plugin supports almost all the social network presently available and very flexible with tons of custom options.


Supported Social networks:

= Facebook Like
= Twiter
= Digg
= Linkedin
= Delicious
= Stumble
= Email
= Google plus
= Google Share (Added From 5.0)
= Topsy (Alternative for twitter share)
= Tweetmeme (Alternative for twitter share)
= Bufferapp (Added from V5.0)
= Google Buzz(Removed from v3.0)
= Yahoo Buzz(Removed from v3.0)
= Dzone
= Flattr
= Reddit
= Earner club
= Sphinn(Removed From v5.0)
= Blogengage
= Bizsugar
= Diggita
= Wuzzrank
= Upnews
= Facebook Share (Removed from v3.0)
(Removed From v5.0) for facebook share)


= Skip option on Popup
= Skip option on Home page
= Skip options for specific Item ids
= Sort Buttons as weight
= Normal or compact button
= Show button count for home page or current page
= Custom or fixed/specific home page url
= Encode title or not
= Encode link/page link or not
= Float panel background color option using color picker
= Float panel border color option using color picker
= Float lefr or float right
= Vertical placement with percentage or px
= Custom control for each social share button

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