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ochGlightbox  v1.4.0

Version v1.4.0
Compatibility J3 & J4
Developer site Ruud van Lent external
License Read Rules external
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Are looking for a solution that automitically adds a lightbox on your images (popup)? Or add multiple images on your page into a lightbox gallery? Do you want the lightbox and / or gallery to perfectly fit your sites template?


Joomla! 4.2 ready!

You can convert your images automatically into a lightbox or gallery, create a gallery via a special tag pointing to an image directory and (new since version 2.0.0) via the ochGlightbox module: a Joomla module with which you can upload / select and configure a module displaying the gallery!


Time to automate image lightboxes and galleries and 'wow' your visitors!

ochGlightbox is a Joomla! system plugin that builds upon GLightbox. Glightbox is a pure JavaScript lightbox. It can display images, iframes, inline content and videos with optional autoplay for YouTube, Vimeo and even self hosted videos!

  • Small - only 11KB Gzipped lightbox script!
  • Fast and Responsive- - works with any screen size
  • Gallery Support - Create multiple galleries
  • Video Support - Youtube, Vimeo and self hosted videos with autoplay
  • Inline content support - display any inline content
  • Iframe support - need to embed an iframe? no problem
  • Keyboard Navigation - esc, arrows keys, tab and enter is all you need
  • Touch Navigation - mobile touch events
  • Zoomable images - zoom and drag images on mobile and desktop
  • Themeable - create your skin or modify the animations with some minor css changes and Joomla template overrides!

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