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EPB - Easy Performance Booster

EPB - Easy Performance Booster Pro


EPB - Easy Performance Booster Pro  v5.0.0.0

Version v5.0.0.0
Compatibility Joomla 5
Developer site Kubik-Rubik external
License Read Rules external
Views 475
Dev Price € 40
Price € 3.6
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Easy Performance Booster speeds up the loading time of your Joomla! website. This plugin improves the loading performance significantly by minifying, concatenating and caching static files (JavaScript and CSS) and minifying the main HTML output. Additionally, the plugin generates an optimized .htaccess file with necessary compression and caching settings to enable the optimization on Apache servers. If the .htaccess file does not exist, the plugin creates it automatically using the latest template provided by the Joomla! project.


JavaScript and CSS files can be excluded fine-granularly from being processed using specific execution parameters. It's also possible to limit the execution of the complete plugin to particular components or languages. Use the Debug Mode to find the required values for specific pages.


Note: You must place the plugin in the last position (Ordering - Order Last). If you are using a cache plugin (for instance Page Cache Extended), then you must place Easy Performance Booster just right before this plugin. It means that in this constellation the cache plugin must be placed last and Easy Performance Booster just before it!


  • Speeds up the loading performance significantly
  • Minifies main HTML code
  • Minifies JavaScript and CSS files
  • Concatenates JavaScript and CSS files
  • Caches optimized JavaScript and CSS files
  • Adds JavaScript attribute: Normal, Async or Defer (PRO)
  • Generates an optimized .htaccess file (PRO)
  • Creates .htaccess file from htaccess.txt template (PRO)
  • Adds compression and caching rules to .htaccess file (PRO)
  • Static files can be excluded from being processed fine-granularly
  • Plugin execution can be controlled fine-granularly
  • Debug Mode to find required parameters for exclusion

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