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HikaMarket Multi-vendor | Hika

HikaMarket Multi-vendor | HikaShop


HikaMarket Multi-vendor | HikaShop  v4.1.1

Version v4.1.1
Compatibility J3 & J4
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HikaMarket allow you to create a multi-vendor website and manage your store directly in the front-end for your HikaShop online shop. Build your multivendor shop / marketplace website ! HikaMarket is a Joomla! component for the e-commerce solution HikaShop. HikaMarket is a multi-vendor system. Each vendor have products and could edit them. A vendor could be composed of several users, each user could have different rights (Access Levels).



* Edit your products, characteristics, variants, categories, orders, customers, discounts, coupons, shipping and payment methods directly in the front end
* Use a Web 2.0 interface with ajax and drag & drop
* Share your store management with other accounts via the frontend manager
* Allow other vendors to sell their products in your store
* Paypal Adaptive plugin for your split payments
* Several users per vendor with specific rights and permissions
* Available in more than 10 languages
* Views (MVC), CSS and languages overrides for easy customization
* Integration with the Joomla updater system
* Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x


* Custom vendor fields to extend the vendor page and registration
* Each vendor can have a his own vendor profile page with the option of display vendors' products
* Vendor dashboard with configurable statistics and graphics
* Use shipping per vendor - and vendors can have their own shipping methods
* Vendors can be paid directly - and vendors can have their own payment methods
* Discount per vendor - apply a discount only on a specific vendor products
* Sell bundles of products from different vendors
* Vendor contact page
* Vote and comments the vendors
* Terms & Conditions per vendor during the checkout
* Set advanced fee rules with multi-tier levels
* Use fee or commission depending the payment method
* Configure all rights / ACL for users and vendors
* Set global limitation/restriction depending the user group
* Limit the number of vendors in the cart
* Automatic vendor creation depending the account access level
* Vendor specific registration form
* Dynamic vendor selection based on customer address zone or customer selection during the checkout (for sales representatives or for different warehouses shipping)
* Product templating - create default configuration of products for vendors
* Vendor variant - let your vendor sale create a variant of an authorized product
* Dedicated vendor notification emails and integration with HikaShop Business for their customization
* Advanced filtering for vendor listing based on location
* Vendor listing module


* Compatible with all HikaShop payment and shipping plugins
* Compatible with the Joomla search system
* Compatible with most of subscription system
* Vendor points (with HikaShop points or AlphaUserPoints) to let vendor gain points with their sales.
* Gift certificate thanks to HikaSerial

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1 year ago
Your review
HikaMarket Multivendor is an add-on to Hikashop (by the way, a very efficient store extension to Joomla), allowing other vendors to subscribe on your website in order to sell their own products.
This extension easily integrates with Hikashop, by adding six "hikamarket" tables in the database.
Many options are available for vendor configuration. It seems to fill all you need to start a marketplace, but it misses a detailed documentation to figure out the effect of each option. I guess it's delivered when you buy the extension at Hikashop.
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1 year ago
Your review
Don't know what to choose virtuemart or hikashop?
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  • Member Admin 1 year ago
    I didn't use HikaShop but VirtueMart was used on many stores that developed I think VirtueMart is more advanced for a store.