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Simple Renew Pro - Membership & Subscript

Simple Renew Pro - Membership & Subscriptions


Simple Renew Pro - Membership & Subscriptions  v3.2.11

Version v3.2.11
Compatibility Joomla 3
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Simple Renew is the solution we created to integrate Recurly. Trusted by thousands of companies, Recurly is one of the great subscription billing solutions out there. It’s so good, it is what we use here at Alledia and at OSTraining to manage our subscription sales and renewals.


Recurly accepts all sorts of payments including credit cards, Paypal, Pay with Amazon, Invoicing and ACH transfers. Recurly makes it easy to manage your subs streamlining the billing tasks through smart automation. It makes it easy for your customers to upgrade and downgrade their memberships. Recurly is easy to customize and makes it easy for you to track your recurring revenue.

Like all our extensions, Simple Renew is “people friendly”. We obsess over the details of each of our extension’s design, upkeep, and documentation so that they are easy (and fun) to install, use and maintain.


New users can create an account during subscription process

Users can login if they have an account, or create one during the subscription with the Simple Renew 3 step process.


Support for Paypal and Credit Cards

Simple Renew works with the most popular payment systems: Credit Cards and Paypal, both integrated with Recurly.


Manage your subscriptions from backend

You can create and edit your plans directly on your Joomla backend. The settings are synchronized with Recurly.


Create plans in a friendly way

The "Create plan" screen is so easy to fill in. Type only the required details for your plans.


Recurly test support

You can take advance of the Recurly test environment. This will help you to test purchases without real money on the way. Once you're ready, switch to the "Live" mode.


Different styles to match your site's design

Simple Renew comes with 4 themes to match your site's design. Optionally you can create your own design if you have expertise with CSS.


Advanced options

Simple Renew is easy to setup, however we also include extra settings to allow you more control on your subscriptions.

Simple Renew is the best way to create a Joomla membership site. Why is Simple Renew the best? Because it combines the unique strengths of Joomla and Recurly, two of the best software programs available today.

  • Joomla enables you to create stylish, functional websites.
  • Recurly provides the framework to manage any subscription service.

Together, Joomla and Recurly are greater than the sum of their parts. Together, Joomla and Recurly really rock! Plus, we are really, really committed to making Simple Renew as easy to use as possible. We promise that Simple Renew will be fun and easy to use.

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