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CommerceLab Shop - Sell products on

CommerceLab Shop - Sell products online


CommerceLab Shop - Sell products online  v1.0.1

Version v1.0.1
Compatibility J3 & J4
Developer site CommerceLab external
License Read Rules external
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Sell any products online with CommerceLab Shop! eCommerce has never been easier, faster, or more scalable than now. Built to be used with YOOtheme Pro, your online store can be truly limitless. eCommerce for Joomla jut got exciting! Design with clicks — No coding required. Push the limits of web design and create unique commerce designs for your customers. Build a business around any type of product.


Build your website around your products.
Add products to any part of your website. Feature the product details in blogs or anywhere for that matter in your website.


Customize your cart and checkout to match.
Make the sale with cart and checkout experiences that match the rest of your store.


Authentic shop designs = enthusiastic customer sales.

Shop owners can focus on driving more traffic, sales funnels, earning more revenue.

  • Create multiple checkout flows tailored to your product types
  • Use Joomla custom fields to display the right product information
  • Easily add unique product variants & checkbox options
  • Built in JOomla SEO or use any Third party tools
  • User access controls and user group management system
  • Use shop add-ons to enhance your shop's functionality.


Quickstart w/ a CommerceLab Shop + YOOtheme demo

Build a complete website & shop
made to engage visitors, scale & convert sales
Blog smarter. Build a lifestyle blog around your brand — then feature products directly within posts to drive sales on your store.

Convert with custom landing pages, create immersive pages for product launches, seasonal campaigns, coming soon previews, or advertisements.
60% Faster Page Loads
10x Faster Build Time
100% Faster Content Creation


Page Builder / Visual Editor
Easily launch and edit site pages & product pages with a YOOtheme's drag-and-drop Page Builder. Easy to learn easy to use.


Preview Before Publishing
Make a change to your site site it live in seconds. Once you have the look your were aiming for you can save and all changes are live.


Shop & Website Style Customizations
Your entire site style is automatically applied to your shop, you won't have to style the shop again to look like your site. All styles are controlled by an easy to panel in Page Builder.


Automatic Mobile Optimization
By default your site and shop are mobile optimized and responve for a llscreen sizes. advanced settings are available if you need more customization on mobile or tablets.


Allow your users to see prices in your shop in the currency they use. One switch and your entire shop changes to the new currency value.


Single page or multiple page checkouts
Checkout experiences are easy to to design with things like post checkout offers and steps. Or create a single page checkout with offers and promotions.


Customizable Cart Design
Creativity in cart layout options are not missing from CommerceLab Shop. There is no styling limitations to your Cart page.

Use cart elements to maintain core features then style away.

Make multiple depending on what your customers are shopping for.

Customizable Checkout Pages
Drag and drop checkout elements and create a fun look that your shoppers will appreciate.

Use any of the YOOtheme elements and style settings to bring your checkout to life.

Make multiple depending on what your customers are shopping for.


Customizable Order Confirmation Pages
Add incentive offers, style the confirmation page to look just like your website.

Make custom order confirmation pages depending on wht users are shopping for.
The sky is the limit.


Customers Register, Login or Guest Checkout
You can easily allow require or how customers proceed with their checkout, use Register, login or guest checkout options or select on or the other.

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