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Mx Site T

Mx Site Tools


Mx Site Tools  v4.0.25

Version v4.0.25
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site mixwebtemplates external
License Read Rules external
Views 1,056
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Price € 4
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Site Tools Joomla module with eight elements, Documentation style, Docs Custom Items, No right click, Sticky sidebar, Sticky footer, Light switch, Scroll Reveal, Text animation effects. 


Sticky sidebar

  • Div or class name
  • Margin Top
  • Margin Bottom


Sticky footer

  • Div or class footer
  • Div or class before footer


Docs articles

  • Columns width
  • Right column title
  • Numbers counting - Yes / No
  • Select Category
  • Child Category Articles
  • Category Depth
  • Tag Filter
  • Featured Articles
  • Article Field to Order By
  • Ordering Direction
  • Count
  • Article custom fields - Yes / No
  • Item Title
  • Title Max length
  • Description display
  • Description Max length
  • Images settings
  • From Image Intro - Yes / No
  • From Image Full text - Yes / No
  • From Inline Intro text - Yes / No
  • From Inline Full text - Yes / No
  • Order to Get
  • Resize Mode
  • Image Width
  • Image Height


Docs Custom items

General settings

  • Columns width
  • Right column title
  • Numbers counting - Yes / No

Custom items options

  • Title
  • Main text


No Right Click

Disable Mouse Right Click, Text Selection and Keyboard Shortcut Keys.

  • Disable Right Click - Yes / No
  • Disable Image Right Click - Yes / No
  • Disable Image draggin - Yes / No
  • Disable Copy paste - CTRL + C - CTRL + V
  • Disable Print - CTRL + P
  • Disable View source - CTRL + U
  • Disable Save - CTRL + S
  • Disable CTRL + A
  • Disable F12


Scroll to reveal

Item settings

  • Div or Class Name
  • Effect
  • Masker
  • Timer


Light switch

Available in three versions. Version one is only for bootstrap 5 templates.

  • Horizontal - left / right
  • Horizontal position
  • Vertical - top / bottom
  • Vertical position
  • CSS code


Text animation effects

  • Div or class name
  • Effect
  • Text color
  • Text hover color


Sticky columns

This module works simply by putting the names of div or class you want to stick on the Div name field. If it is a div to stick, should put it for example #container and if is a class it should be example .container. Multiple items should separated by symbol , Example you have divs left and right to slide, the code should be #right, #left


Light switch

Three version available. Version one works only with bootstrap 5.


Text animation effects

There are two versions Text animation effects where the texts are automatically animated or Text over animation effect where the animations starts with mouse over text


No Right Click

Disable Right Click for all the page or only in images, image drugging and keyboard shortcut keys "Ctrl + A", "Ctrl + C", "Ctrl + V", "Ctrl + P", "Ctrl + S" , "Ctrl + U" and F12.


Scroll to reveal

Make Website with Scroll Reveal Effects. Scroll to reveal adds different effects to content that is triggered when your page content is in view


Docs articles

Documentation Style load articles from one or many categories. If there is a Documentation with different articles, it is very handy to use it because it shows those articles in one page. Is easy to navigate with titles on the right with Scrollspy effect

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