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Instant PayPal Pro

Instant PayPal Pro Shop


Instant PayPal Pro Shop  v2.34

Version v2.34
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
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Instant PayPal Pro Shop is the easiest and most complete solution to start getting paid through PayPal, Stripe, credit cards or wire transfer in a snap.
It's the simplest way to build your shop based on PayPal with advanced functionalities and the perfect tool to sell both physical goods requiring delivery or digital goods that customers can access immediately after the PayPal payment!
It integrates with the official PayPal Smart Checkout and Stripe to give to your buyers a simplified, streamlined and secure checkout experience paying directly on your website!


Forget complex ecommerce solutions that require hours for the setup, with Instant PayPal Pro Shop you have exactly a streamlined process to setup your shop in few minutes.

Sell anything! Whether it be t-shirts in all their shapes and sizes, music files or software. It's all possible, and if you are selling digital goods you can relax and enjoy watching your shop going on by itself. Enjoy with the power of PayPal, the first class payment system in the world.


A set of easy and advanced tools will allow you to setup your shop in a snap and receive payments through PayPal checkout directly to your PayPal account:

  • Products and categories management
    •Support for physical and digital goods
    •PayPal Smart checkout integration
    •Stripe integration
    •Subscriptions and recurring payments with PayPal
    •Coupon codes management
    •Multiple options for each single product
    •Taxes management
    •Shipping management
    •Tags to search products quickly
    •Integrated customer's registration to ensure a quick and streamlined checkout process
    •Invoice management to generate, send and print invoices
    •Reviews and rating system for products
    •Orders history for both admins and customers with CSV exporting feature
    •Customers management
    •Checkout as guest, to maximize sales and avoid to lose customers
    •Bank wire transfer checkout support
    •Downloadable files optimized
    •Change order status and auto-notify customers
    •Support for more than 140 currencies all around the world
    •Email notifications for each order stage: placed, completed, shipped, etc
    •Stats for sales based on your period of interest
    •User registration integrated with social extensions Easysocial, Jomsocial, etc
    •Multilanguage support
    •Responsive layout for the frontend shop
    •Mobile devices support
    •Multiple colors variations for the shop template
    •PayPal Sandbox integration to test your ecommerce
    •Stock management for products no more available
    •Cart, search & categories, tags search and featured products modules included
    •Discounts by quantity
    •Custom fields for the checkout form
    •G5 certificate inclusion for compatibility with the latest PayPal IPN specs on servers that are not compliant
    •SEO optimized URLs with JSitemap Pro integration


Users will be able to follow an easy step by step checkout process starting from the 'add to cart' action to the final PayPal payment. Moreover if you are selling digital goods, customers will be able to download purchased files immediately after the PayPal payment so that it requires no action on your part, and you will be able to enjoy your day!


Main features of Instant PayPal Pro Shop are:

  • Physical & digital goods: you can sell both physical and digital goods, managing delivery or files downloads
  • Tax and shipping: manage taxation and shipping fees in a powerful and easy way based on country and package type
  • Subscriptions and recurring payments: it integrates with PayPal subscriptions system and you can get automatic payments when subscriptions expire
  • Invoice management: generate, print, send automatically or manually invoices to your customers
  • Reviews and rating: offer to your customers a reliable reviews and rating system for products included in your shop
  • Coupon codes: increment your sales distributing coupon codes for your products and allowing customers to get special discounts
  • Orders history: keep under control all your orders and change their status notifying customers automatically
  • Checkout as guest: maximize sales and avoid to lose customers thanks to a streamlined purchase process
  • Template colors: choose the preferred shop color theme to better suit with your Joomla layout
  • Email notifications: notify automatically yourself and your customers each time orders are placed or change their status
  • Products & categories: build your shop structure with nested categories and products to allow customers to find what they need easily
  • Quick shop checkout: ensure that your customers will be able to checkout quickly without the need to fill in complex form and informations
  • Customers database: track all your customers and their informations for shipping, billing, etc
  • Product variants: you can set multiple options for each product and sell it in many variants such as color, size, etc
  • Mobile devices support: gain orders from every device allowing mobile users to place orders in every moment.
  • Stock capable: you can manage your stock and stop selling products when they are no more available
  • Stats: keep a birds-eye view of incoming sales by period of interest, all from your Joomla backend
  • SEO indexing: optimize the indexing of your shop thanks to fully SEF URLs and JSitemap Pro integration


Your shop made easy!
The main challenge of Instant PayPal Pro Shop is to be an extremely easy tool to build your shop without worrying about complex solutions that require a steep learning curve. You can setup your PayPal account just adding your merchant email address to the configuration and it will be ready.

To maximize sales and avoid to lose customers requiring a long and complex Joomla registration process, Instant PayPal Pro Shop allows purchases without the need of a registration and login. In this way customers will be able to place an order and complete the purchase as guests, without registering to your site.

It's bundled with PayPal for accepting credit card & PayPal account payments, we've made tax simple to configure, tax settings based on local or customers tax rates and you can setup your shop with the options of offering shipping based on multiple rates.

Instant PayPal Pro Shop has been designed to be a powerful, easy and complete shop solution to manage every aspect of an ecommerce platform such as products, categories, orders, customers, coupon codes and much more.
Forget complex ecommerce solutions that require hours for the setup, with Instant PayPal Pro Shop you have exactly a streamlined process to setup your shop in few minutes.

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