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DJ-Catalog2 Integrator with YOOTheme

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator with YOOTheme Pro


DJ-Catalog2 Integrator with YOOTheme Pro  v1.8.22

Version v1.8.22
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site DJ-Extensions external
License Read Rules external
Views 1,299
Dev Price € 59
Price € 4
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DJ-Catalog2 Integrator plugin works with YOOTheme Pro Page Builder & DJ-Catalog2 extension only! Create your e-commerce or product catalog website with the help of DJ-Catalog2 and Yootheme’s Page builder. Our DJC2-YooTheme-Integration plugin provides deep integration between these two well-known solutions and will allow you to have all of YOOtheme's Page Builder features at your disposal with just a few clicks.


Powerful layouts

DJ-Catalog2-YooTheme Integration plugin comes with a layout feature for products just like YooTheme does for articles! This means that you can create different layouts for different products. Yes, now every product in your e-store can have a different looking product page!

However, if it’s still too hard, you can use one of the pre-configured layouts that our designers prepared for you. This is a very important aspect because without a good design people will not buy your products, and now you can simply choose one of the well-thought-out looks for your product card.


Easy Templates

Sure, you may want all the products on your site to look the same. For most eCommerce sites, this approach will work perfectly.

This is where Templates come in handy. You can simply create a product card layout in a template and assign it to all categories of your assortment. From now on all products will use this template and any change in it will result in changes in all products!

Of course, if necessary, you will also have access to predefined templates prepared by our designers.


Extended products grid

When it comes to products category view, templates can be also used here, but we have prepared something more for you.
Our plugin comes with an exceptional feature. When building your list view, you can use the „extended product grid” element which allows you to easily decide which DJ−Catalog2 fields should be displayed and in what order.


Helpful elements

We have also taken advantage of the Page Builder elements. DJC2-Yootheme-integration plugin comes with as many as 9 elements to be used in the templates or layouts.

The page builder elements feature sets up a whole new level of possibilities for creativity and gives you the ability to build templates and layouts out of readymade blocks at a speed never seen before.


Dynamic content

Last but not least, the dynamic content feature. With Yootheme pro, you can pull the specific content from Joomla DataBase directly into your layout. All elements in the builder can load dynamic content into any of their content fields.

We wouldn’t be us if we did not use its possibilities in our plugin. So we have created 12 DJ-Catalog2 content sources, to give you even more possibilities to set your website in the way you want it. :)




  • Take advantage of the synergy of two great tools, YOOtheme PRO page builder and DJ-Catalog2, and create a perfect eCommerce website.
  • Excellent design Use any YOOtheme PRO template, and get beautiful and functional design out of the box.
  • Flexibility Build the product, category, or checkout page yourself. Decide if layout should be different depending on the category or product type.
  • Full YOOtheme integration Enjoy all the YOOtheme PRO options like elements or dynamic content and use them in DJ-Catalog2 views.

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