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JMZ Time

JMZ Timeline


JMZ Timeline  v3.0

Version v3.0
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site jumazi external
License Read Rules external
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JMZ Timeline 1,350,380
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Module timeline joomla allows you show your company timeline or several other purposes on a vertical line. It is very flexible, easy to use and it is necessary for every webmaster, site-builder who has a Joomla Website, support highly-configurable their events (Customizable colors, images, icon, readmore button...). Build a constructive site and make your site become even friendlier with users.


Main Features:
- The configuration is very easy and simple.
- Add jquery accordion in administrator Back-End module.
- Support multiple different kind of date formats.
- Show / Hide subtitle of timeline elementt.
- Show / Hide main-image of timeline element.
- Show / Hide Readmore button links to content.
- Responsive Timeline Module.
- Ability Custom Background-Color : Icon ,Readmore,Vertical Line and Horizontal Line.
- Add jquery animate with effect 'Bounce in' for the module in front-end.


Easy and Simple configuration:
The configuration of this module is quite easy. All you have to do after downloading the module is to install it. Using configuration parameters as default value.

Accordion in Back-End module.
Allows you to display your contents with jquery effect, you can choose click title of timeline element and you can see the content will be shown up rhythmically on the module.

Multiple kind of date formats
Lets you specify the exact formatting of dates that are displayed, currently this module supports 3 options: Year, Day and Month, Month Day and Year.

Show / Hide subtitle of timeline
Option to display subtitle of timeline or not, with this function module will be highly flexible and used in many different cases.

Show / Hide image of timeline
Option to display main-image of timeline or not, with this function module will be highly flexible and used in many different cases.

Responsive Timeline Module
Regardless of the device your user is viewing your site on, this module is optimised for the dimensions of that screen.

Ability Custom Background
Adjusting the Background Colour setting will do exactly what you expect, you can select the color of Icon, Readmore, Vertical Line and Horizontal Line.

Animate with effect 'Bounce in'
When some object animates into a new position, we like to add a subtle bounce effect at the end of the transition.

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