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Breezing Forms

Breezing Forms Pro


Breezing Forms Pro  v1.9.3

Version v1.9.3
Compatibility J3 & J4
Developer site CROSSTEC external
License Read Rules external
Views 8,476
Dev Price $ 29
Price € 4
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Breezing Forms Pro - incl (Sample Forms, Addons, Themes, Apps, Converts from RSForm). BreezingForms is the only state of the art Joomla!® form builder that combines modern techniques with enterprise features. From great looking simple forms up to complex form applications -- almost everything is possible!


If you need to create modern Joomla!® forms with all bells and whistles like responsiveness, Twitter® Bootstrap or web app style form based applications, then BreezingForms is the tool of your choice. With BreezingForms you are not locked up in a golden cage and confronted with limited features for the sake of easiness. Instead, we face the complexity and try to make it as easy and open as possible for you to finish even the most complex tasks.


Since 2009, BreezingForms provides innovations that haven't been seen in Joomla!® forms and extensions before and until today. We continuously develop and implement new interesting features. With BreezingForms, you are holding a quality and value extension in your hands that you don't want to miss again.

BreezingForms is one of the most popular and actively developed extensions for Joomla!®. Get your copy and its awesome features to get your job done!


The most innovative and powerful Joomla forms

BreezingForms is the only form builder around that you can throw at almost anything and yet is able to manage even the most complex tasks.

Use our year-long experience and expertise to create even the most complex form. And if you need help, our professional support staff will be happy to assist.

If you need a simple contact form or a fully fledged form app, check out Breezing Forms Pro, as it will most likely fit your needs.


Benefit from a multitude of innovations and services

  • No extra payments for additional forms features, it is all-in-one
  • Google Drive Spreadsheets
  • reCaptcha support
  • Zapier support
  • Bootstrap support
  • Skype Integration
  • Digital Signatures
  • Stripe credit card payments
  • ContentBuilder CCK integration: Use BreezingForms and form submissions to create custom content.
  • BreezingCommerce integration: Use BreezingForms Pro in your shopping cart to create order forms, limitless product configurations that add up to the prices and more.
  • Special display modes like fancy one-page scrolling forms
  • Easy to implement multi-language forms
  • Responsive
  • Upload Progress
  • Tag Support
  • Frontend Display/Edit
  • Salesforce
  • Dropbox
  • Constant Contact
  • Multipage
  • Payments
  • Conditional Fields
  • Themes
  • Top notch forms application: frequently updated, great support, feature rich, yet easy to use
  • Suits both, regular users as well as developers: extend your forms and create even greater forms applications
  • No tedious HTML forms fiddling
  • Ease of use but covers all form aspects
  • Provides a nice user experience


Create the full range of forms like:

  • contact forms
  • form calculations
  • payment forms
  • google maps forms
  • ...or any kind of form you can think of.


Offers 3 form modes - suits everybody's taste

All three modes share the same power but each has its own audience:

A form editor for the non-programmer and people who want their forms to be done very quickly but nice looking.

A form editor for layout centric form creation. Very powerful but simple in usage. Ideal forms for designers.

A wysiwyg editor for creating forms. For technicians and fans of Facile Forms.


Important features:

  • Joomla! 3.x/2.5
  • Invisible reCaptcha
  • Zapier
  • Bootstrap Support
  • Skype Integration
  • Digital Signatures
  • Stripe
  • BreezingCommerce integration
  • Modern scrolling OnePage forms
  • Telegram messenger support: Send notifications, file uploads (photos, videos, documents) and PDF, CSV, XML exports right on your mobile phone and share them with your contacts.
  • Native multi-language forms, no 3rd party extension required
  • Invisible and regular reCaptcha
  • Native Captcha
  • VirtueMart Custom Fields (add-to-cart + price updates)
  • New ajax record manager + column selection
  • Responsive Bootstrap support (in both, Joomla 3.x/2.5)
  • Joomla Tag support
  • HTML5/Flash upload progress, image previews and resize options. iPhone/iPad/Android support.
  • Google Drive Spreadsheets: send your forms data to Gdrive in realtime
  • True Mobile Support (creates forms on-the-fly for desktop and mobile)
  • Salesforce CRM integration (including custom objects)
  • Dropbox integration (including submissions as PDF, CSV, XML)
  • Constant Contact Integration (use ConstantContact cloud service to connect your submissions to your contacts)
  • MailChimp Newsletter
  • Powerful Conditional Fields without need for Javascript
  • Frontend/Backend Editing: Turn Breezing Forms into a mighty Content Construction Kit (CCK) using our extension ContentBuilder:
  • Simplified Email System
  • PDF, CSV & XML export
  • Many themes included (QuickMode)
  • Maxlength for textareas including "chars left" display
  • Summary item: Create summary pages quickly (including calculations if you want)
  • Integrator - Integrate with other extensions
  • User Editable Forms
  • 19 and counting form items (from simple input to captcha items)
  • Multipage forms
  • PayPal and Direct Payment (Sofortüberweisung)
  • Calendar item (responsive + native joomla)
  • Many pre-defined form validations and forms actions
  • Custom scripting
  • Email Routing (reply-to)
  • Custom mail subjects
  • File attachments in email notifications
  • Database storage


Top 10 Reasons Why Breezing Forms Pro Is The Joomla. Forms Extension Of Your Choice

  • Breezing Forms Pro is the only forms extension that goes the extra mile. Most of the features you now see in other forms extensions, Breezing Forms Pro had them long before. Breezing Forms Pro constantly adds new improvements and features that sets it apart from the competition.
  • Multipage forms and our new OnePage scrolling forms will not just organise your forms but make them also look pretty cool and modern.
  • 17+ form field types and their corresponding options make sure you won't hit any road blocks. Additionally, you may extend your forms through custom setups without the need for hacking.
  • Send form submissions to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Telegram, Salesforce and more.
  • Suitable for small, up to large and complex forms. Breezing Forms Pro scales with your requirements.
  • Focus on backwards compatibility makes sure your forms will keep working years after you created them.
  • Perfect balance between ease-of-use and feature-richness. Get stunned by what's possible with Breezing Forms Pro.
  • CCK integration with our extension ContentBuilder. A perfect combination to get even more out of your users' form submissions.
  • Highly motivated support and development teams behind Breezing Forms Pro makes sure you'll be satisfied and updates make it into your site quickly.
  • You'll always get something on top: when purchasing Breezing Forms Pro, you're also given access to all of our current and future components, plugins and modules. For free.

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