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Gourmand - Recipe and Food

Gourmand - Recipe and Food Blog


Gourmand - Recipe and Food Blog  v1.0.0

Version v1.0.0
Compatibility J3 & J4
Developer site JoomShaper external
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Views 1,202
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Gourmand is a deliciously designed CMS Joomla food template built for sharing tasty-looking or healthy recipes. It can be used by bloggers, cooks, or a company trying to share recipe books and food-related products on the market. You may use it also for the food blog, cooking, chef, cooking guideline, recipe catalogue, and local food reviews to achieve the maximum conversion rate.


Gourmand comes with 2 unique homepage layouts. All of the pages are quick to set up and easy to customize. You can effortlessly change the elements like texts, images, background, icons, layouts, colors, and fonts to enhance the site’s visual appeal. The Joomla restaurant template QuickStart pack has SP Page Builder Pro inside (save $59). Construct web pages using the page builder’s front-end drag-and-drop live editing system and powerful addons. It's also fully translation-ready for non-English Joomla websites.


Whether you're a food business owner or a hobby cook who wants to share delicious recipes with the world, this template is the perfect choice for you. It will catch the full attention of the target customers.



Gourmand is an aesthetically designed Joomla template for food blogs, restaurants, chefs, cooking studios, food review magazines to talk about different cuisines and publish recipes online. You can easily create food recipe blogs, food magazine websites, recipe catalogues, recipe portals, and related food based websites.

Gourmand Key Features

  • 2 Niche-specific home layouts
  • Aesthetically designed for food business niches
  • Rich recipe listing with multiple categories
  • Showcase recipe methods, ingredients, and more in details
  • Monetize with decent ad placements
  • Earn affiliate income with recipe books
  • Food blog for discussion, tutorials, and guidelines
  • Awesome animation on different pages
  • RTL ready
  • Helix Ultimate and SP Page Builder Pro
  • Regular update & dedicated support


2 Niche-Specific Home Variations

Get 2 different home variations for your food blog and culinary businesses. Each of these home layouts comes with different types of hero sections, elements, and content to present recipes and food discussions smartly.

  • Food Blog: Welcome visitors with a wonderful hero slider. Have food reviews and present the chefs nicely. Place feature posts, display recipe books, and do many more. Make your home page attractive with versatile images.
  • Recipe Catalogue: Feature mouth-watering food recipes on your website hero section. Let people explore recipes by rich categories. Showcase the latest food review articles, hand-picked reviews, special items, and ads on the home page.


Aesthetically Designed for Food Businesses

Presentation of food items requires an impeccable work of art. Having that in mind, we designed Gourmand aesthetically to present your food items. Attract your visitors with the tasty display of your food.

  • Clean and niche-specific design to showcase food items
  • Visually rich food display for food lovers to try new recipes
  • Excellent color combination, typography, and element selection


Showcase Recipes in a Categorized Directory

Gourmand comes with a well-organized recipe directory. You can list recipes in different categories for visitors to find their favorite recipes easily. No matter the type of recipe you have, this listing has you covered.

  • Let visitors filter recipes by different categories, types, and more
  • Present listed items with rich images for a better impression
  • Set the required time, difficulty level, and more with each item


Display Mouth-Watering Recipes in Details

Get an elegant recipe detail page to showcase everything about the recipe. Utilize the rich hero section, detailed instruction, ingredients, and many other elements to present with your food recipe.

  • Include ingredients, measurements, serving size, and more
  • Describe the nutritional facts of your food items
  • Talk about the cooking process in easy steps


Monetize Recipe Site With Ads

Recipe sites and food blogs come with huge monetization opportunities. Gourmand template lets you show ad units in different places on your website. You can display ads on your blog, recipe directory page, and more.

  • Place ad banner on suitable places on your website
  • Ensure site monetization with display and AdSense ads
  • Customize ad size and design with SP Page Builder


Showcase Recipe Books & Earn Affiliate Income

Showcase your recipe books and sell them for extra income. You can also display recipes and relevant cooking books from different eCommerce sites and earn affiliate income. Gourmand makes it easy for recipe websites with dedicated pages.

  • Display different recipe books and sell them online
  • Showcase books from Amazon and earn affiliate income
  • Have books in styled grid display and create a great impression


Food and Recipe Blog

Publish recipe articles, cooking tips & tricks, food reviews, nutrition guidelines, or any other food-related posts. Let visitors have ideas about your recipes and get tasty and healthy food suggestions on your blog.

  • Discuss food, health, and cover different food-related topics
  • Sort blog posts with recipe tips and have them on the sidebar
  • A wonderful blog single page with related posts at the bottom


Ready Pages for Quick Launch

The Gourmand Joomla template comes with a wide range of built-in pages that you can use to launch a complete recipe blog and catalogue website in the least possible time.

  • About: Tell your visitors about your food business. Have a visually rich hero section, stats, and kitchen gallery on your about page. Showcase mission & vision and many more.
  • Contact: Let your visitors contact you on a nicely designed contact page. Visitors get different CTAs to contact chefs and support staff.
  • Registration: Make the online registration process simplified for your website visitors with the help of self-explanatory form fields.
  • 404: You can redirect your website visitors to this readymade 404 page for nonexistence links.


SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate

The Gourmand Joomla template is built with the powerful SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate. Its intuitive live site-building mechanism is going to make your development phase a breeze.

  • Create, edit, and style your content on the fly
  • Ease of developing website on the front-end in the real-time viewer
  • Enjoy the other benefits of these 2 popular Joomla dev tools

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