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LT School - Education, Universities, Colleges


LT School - Education, Universities, Colleges  v.4.0

Version 4.0
Compatibility J3.x & J4.x
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Let’s bring an online education environment as well as support both students and parents to follow online courses or classes effectively with LT School Joomla Template!


As an educator, it’s necessary for you to create a professional website to offer your student and parents the information about online classes, courses and other activities. Because of this reason, we would like to suggest you LT School Joomla Template. With an aim of assisting you to build an educational website with a friendly interface and well-organized content, this joomla template coming with Helix Ultimate Framework combined with SP Page Builder will provide you with a large number of customizable features to help you do that effectively. You are able to use Canvas Mobile Menu, Retina/Mobile logos, Google Fonts, Megamenu Generator, Compress JS/CSS code and more to design your site in your own style. In addition, there are 8 color styles for you to choose so that your site becomes harmonious and dominant. Last but not least, in order to be convenient for both parents and students to visit your site on their mobile devices, this template with the help of Bootstrap CSS will render you a 100% responsive layout. In conclusion, LT School is a perfect joomla template that you shouldn’t miss!


LT School is a modern and clean theme that is built based on Joomla! CMS. This theme is targeted for educational websites, including school, college or university websites. Because this theme is compatible with Helix Ultimate Framework as well as SP Page Builder, it’s not difficult for you to modify your site to make it become more attractive in your own way. Now, you are able to introduce the highlight benefits of your school on your site without any problem. In addition, the curriculum, academic support, examination results, ect will be displayed on your site so that your students and their parents are able to find out and follow the teaching as well as learning process. Furthermore, with an aim of facilitating that process, this theme renders you a responsive interface, that is the reason both parents and students can surf your site on all kinds of mobile devices.


With an aim of increasing the number of students, why don’t you introduce some basic information about your school with the admissions as well as the responsibilities. What’s more? Don’t forget to showcase some main profiles about lecturers, teachers and tutors to affirm the reputation and set the parent’s mind at rest.


If you desire to guarantee that your school will offer the best education with high quality, presenting the testimonial is a good solution for you to support that effectively. Last but not least, it’s necessary to narrow the gap between you and your parents by erecting a contact form as well as insert contact information so that they can communicate with you easily.



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