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Visual Styles Mod

Visual Styles Modules


Visual Styles Modules  v1.9

Version v1.9
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
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Visual Styles Modules is a dream come true for every Joomla! user with 5 dashboards to manage modules, styles, contents inline editing and headings using a visual environment! Arrange modules and styles in your template the way it should be and without coding, now it's a breeze! Visual Styles Modules is a dream for Joomla! users making it possible to edit styles for every single element on pages using a visual environment.


Save your time once you start using it you won't be able to turn away from it! And finally get automatically a visual overview of your template positions!
Moreover the Inline editing Dashboard™ makes it possible to edit text and HTML of whatever element directly on pages of your website!


Google announced that on April 21, 2015 the mobile-friendly factor will affect the ranking in search results. This means that now nobody can delay or ignore to have a mobile and responsive site, the result could be lose ranking and site visibility! The Styles Dashboard™ of Visual Styles Modules is a precious tool to fix mobile issues on your site making Google happy.


Using Visual Styles Modules as a module manager you are not only able to drag and reposition modules exactly where they should be thanks to the Modules Dashboard™, but even to style elements using the Styles Dashboard™, the advanced styles editor with the Elements Inspector™ for Joomla and the Image Effects Editor™ ... everything without the need to edit code, CSS files and templates! Moreover the Typography Dashboard™ lets you apply predefined typography styles to each element in just one click!

Just select the element that you want to style and use the CSS editor to apply custom styles, drag a module to a different position or reorder it in a breeze.


Main features are:
Interactive modules manager through the Modules Dashboard™
Drag and reposition modules
Reordering modules in the same position
Full editing to add, delete, edit, checkout modules in place
Interactive Styles Dashboard™ to edit aspect and styles of every elements
Interactive Typography Dashboard™ to apply predefined typography styles
Inline editing Dashboard™ to edit and override contents of whatever element rendered in your website
Headings Dashboard™ to improve your SEO thanks to a correct management of heading tags
Elements Inspector™ allows auto CSS styles calculation and display for every elements
Image Effects Editor™ to apply custom effects to images in realtime
•Interactive elements resize thanks to the Drag'n'Resize feature
Template preview
Visual map of your template positions
Change colors, fonts, dimensions, spacing, etc
•Custom text color
•Custom background color supporting transparency and gradient
•Custom background wallpaper image
Google fonts integration to add new fonts easily
Custom font size
Google Analytics tracking code
Mobile emulator™ for Joomla to test how your site is rendered on every mobile devices
Integrated templates files editor for advanced customizations
•Modules stats
•ACL permissions management
•Integration of the module manager and the styles manager with almost every template


Visual Styles Modules should be part of the Joomla! core making it possible to have a template manager and a module manager the way it should be!
Simply drag and drop, reorder, add and delete modules using a fully visual and interactive Modules Dashboard™! Arrange your elements and contents is really funny, and forget the ugly Joomla! way to manage modules using the standard backend modules manager.


Now you don't need anymore a designer to deal with CSS files, now you can style easily every element as is rendered in pages of your site thanks to the Styles Dashboard™ and the CSS editor. Both the module manager and the template manager can be used directly in backend ensuring maximum security, and Joomla! ACL are available to rule the access to the component. An amazing module manager as you have never tried before!

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