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Make your site ACCESSIBLE NOW! Install the Screen Reader plugin accordingly to WCAG requirements. The Screen Reader plugin for Joomla helps you to make your site accessible! It's the definitive and most complete accessibility solution for your website.

Screen Reader with FontSize and HighContrast for Joomla! is an advanced and lightweight plugin that will add a lot of accessibility features for reading and improve the contents quality to all visually impaired users.

All is completely integrated in your Joomla! site and no additional resources are needed for you or for users, simply install plugin and all is done!

it has a lot of additional features to improve the accessibility of your contents such as:

•High quality audio text reader
•Font sizing
•3 high contrast modes
•Dyslexic font
•Gray hues
•Enlarged cursor
•Text spacing
•Read mode
•Reading guide
•Hide images
•Custom text and background colors
•Skip to contents
•Focused elements highlighter
•Fix for anchor links target attrbute


Screen Reader will show in the frontend as a popup or toolbar that you can position at the top or at the bottom of the page. It supports multiple read mode with override, you can click on 'Play' button or use one single access key to start reading the main content of your pages!
The interface shows controls for screen reader, font size, Dyslexic Font, high contrast, etc. You can also enable or disable various features based on your needs.

Moreover if you select a specific text part on pages Screen Reader will read only the selected text with a priority algorithm. This ensures that users who need to use accesskeys can read the whole contents of your pages in a single keystroke. Thanks to a CSS3 selector parameter main content area of pages can be adjusted to work on every Joomla! template. Additional controls are provided like: pausing and resuming reading, stop and playback, volume adjustment.


The High Contrast feature based on HTML5 now make it possible to have a high contrast rendering working on every Joomla! template without the need to customize CSS classes. Thanks to a complex algorithm the HTML5 High Contrast is capable to offer up to 3 different high contrast rendering types and to calculate the colors inversion automatically, thus the high contrast is applied to every Joomla! template with zero customizations.

Full support for access keys is available, so that users can control reading using keyboard following WCAG specifications. Using access keys users can control both screen reader and font size buttons.
Screen reader is based on an advanced algorithm for the generation of the voice, so that users will be able to listen to a natural reading with interpretation of puntuaction.

Moreover Screen Reader supports a lot of languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Greek, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and much more! More than 50 languages are supported.


It's fully integrated with the native multilingual system and optionally with GTranslate, so when users change or select the desired language using the native multilanguage system or Gtranslate, also Screen Reader will be affected automatically choosing the appropriate language for reading!

Screen Reader is built on rock solid to ensure fully compatibility with all devices and browsers, also old dated or most modern mobile.

It's shipped with multple predefined templates and is easy customizable using settings and custom icons.


Product features:

-WCAG compliant: Plugin will add reading feature to your site following WCAG specifications and other accessibility improvements
-High quality audio: It's based on a complex and advanced algorithm for a natural human reading
-HTML5 High Contrast: Up to 3 different rendering types and working on all Joomla! templates with no CSS customizations
-Accessibility enhancements: It includes a lot of features to improve accessibility such as dyslexic font, read mode, text spacing, colors and much more
-Supports many languages: It supports a lot of languages using multiple audio engines
-Font transformations: Integrated and configurable font resizing and Dyslexic Font family features
-Accesskeys compliant: It's ready for keyboard usage with accesskeys combinations
-Multilanguange integrated: Fully integrated with CMS multi-language systems, native or 3PD like GTranslate

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Good plug in for Accessibility with Joomla!
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veramente ottimo
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