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DatsoGallery - incl (Modules, Plug

DatsoGallery - incl (Modules, Plugins)


DatsoGallery - incl (Modules, Plugins)  v3.4.0

Version v3.4.0
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site Andrey Datso external
License Read Rules external
Views 6,959
Dev Price 20 €
Price € Free
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It's a powerful image gallery component, which help you quickly and effortlessly create a beautiful and multi-functional photo gallery on your web site. Intuitive interface makes it easy to manage and its contents. Lot of settings allows you to organize gallery to suit your requirements within allowable. Stylish and thoughtful design will catch your visitors at the first visit to your gallery and its responsiveness can increase traffic to your web site three times!

Main features

  • Responsive design
  • RTL support
  • Support nested categories
  • Support infinite pagination
  • Support cascading grid (Masonry)
  • Individual categories settings
  • Restricting access to categories
  • Joomla! ACL support
  • Creating categories by registered users in front-end
  • Supports automatic and manually geotagging
  • Browse places of photos on the map
  • Animated GIFs support
  • Comments support
  • Check comment form in real-time (without reloading page)
  • Captcha support in comments (built-in or reCAPTCHA)
  • DNSBL support in comments
  • Email notifications
  • Ban by IP address
  • Support social networking buttons (AddThis)
  • Support image tagging
  • Related images
  • Search by tags
  • Gravatar support with link to profile page
  • Local avatar support with link to profile page
  • JomSocial avatar support with link to profile page
  • JomSocial integration (activities, latest images, user points)
  • Community Builder avatar support with link to profile page
  • Kunena avatar support with link to profile page
  • Supports user profiling with possibility to upload avatar
  • Rating support (like/dislike)
  • Favorites support
  • Supports search of categories/images by their title and description
  • Watermark support
  • Downloads support
  • Supports original image file replacement
  • Support slideshow in a full window and fullscreen
  • Support swipe in a full window and fullscreen
  • Support full screen slideshow with Ken Burns effect
  • View images in a modal window
  • Support overrides CSS
  • Protection of the original image files using HTACCESS
  • Upload and manage images by user in front-end
  • Replacing original image file support
  • User group policy for uploads
  • Support Drag and Drop upload
  • Support multi-thread image uploading
  • Support chuncking uploads
  • Support mobile uploads
  • Support image files with special characters (including Cyrillic)
  • Support auto-rotate images based on EXIF information
  • Supports resizing, rotation, and cropping images without loss of quality
  • Support for reading/extracting EXIF, IPCT and XMP data from photos when uploading
  • EXIF data view
  • and more...

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