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FM Gallery

FM Gallery Pro


FM Gallery Pro  v1.0.6

Version v1.0.6
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site Huge-IT external
License Read Rules external
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Huge-IT Image Gallery Huge-IT Image Gallery extension is perfect choice for Joomla users. No matter use on computers or mobile phones and tablets. It provides a powerful mechanism for downloading and managing a gallery of images, with the ability of multiply uploading, adding removing ordering organizing images, editing thumbnails The plugin allows you to add multiple images to the gallery, create countless galleries, add a description to each of them, as well as make the same things with video links. You can change the order of your project by easy drag & drop function

The main feature of this plugin is a very high quality performance of each view.
Pro version from General Option allows you to customize almost everything: speed, range, color and other elements associated with the style of your galleries. Each view has it’s own options. You can use different galleries in different pages with different views
Among all provided views choose the exact one for you and start customization on it.
Plugin also attached with module file. With the help of module you can manage the Gallery and place it wherever you need.
It has 6 beautifully created views which can integrate with every subject/style of your page, specially created different design options that you do not worry about the originality and uniqueness of your website.

The features of the Image Gallery Extension

Six Views Options - Gallery

Gallery / Content-Popup. The initial look of this view is standard sized image boxes with title, as you click on image popup opens with title & description on the right side next to the image/video.
Content Slider. It is Slider with image/video, title and description next to it. The slider view will slide the whole content
Lightbox Gallery. This view doesn’t provide description, You only can show your image projects with title, and a beautiful lightbox opens the images as you click on them. The view takes the natural size of the images
Slider. The Slider view takes images/videos, make slider with title and description laying on it, and fluently slide them with many effects. Slider view provides current options: width & height of the slider, effect, speed of sliding & speed of effect, hover stopping feature and positioning
Thumbnails. This view gives similar image boxes with title which opens on click and demonstrate only images in beautiful lightbox.
Justified. Show your images/projects in a beautiful horizontal line or puzzle with natural size of the images/videos which also can be watched with lightbox tool
2. Fully responsive
3. Unlimited uploading of images/videos
4. Unlimited amount of Galleries in one page

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