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Media Store by ExtS

Media Store by ExtStore


Media Store by ExtStore  v2.4.0

Version v2.4.0
Compatibility Joomla 3
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Media Store is a Joomla 3 extension developed by ExtStore Team that allows you to sell downloadable products such as documents, e-books, software, etc. and get paid via Paypal, Moneybookers and 2Checkout.


Media Store is the most flexibly developed component with SEO support, responsive design, easy administration. It also includes various plugins that support social share button, Disqus comment, bundle and Like to Download for Facebook fanpage.



  • Joomla MVC Standard: Media Store’s code is written based on Joomla 3 standard, making it work well on Joomla 3 websites and support custom layout of templates.
  • SEO Support: Media Store is optimized for SEO and SEF. It is fully compatible with SH404SEF or any SEO component. Rich snippets and Google Ecommerce Analytics are also supported.
  • Multi-level/nested categories: Media Store allows you to manage products across infinite categories and subcategories.
  • Products management: Media Store allows you to enhance the product with title, short and full description, metadata, price, demo link, etc. You can add unlimited files/images to a product and a product can be marked featured. Furthermore, you can assign one product to multiple categories.
  • Super easy files/images management: Files/images are listed in popup box. You can filter them by name or change the list's limitation. More especially, you can upload multiple files/images at one time with drag and drop files/images support.
  • Support both free and paid products: For paid products, after one product is bought, downloadable files will automatically be showed and 'Buy Now/Add to Cart' button will be changed to 'Download' button. For free products, you can configure which user group has permission to download free files.
  • Download Limit: Media Store allows you to limit product download time by number or days.
  • 3 Product Types: While “Normal” type is for typical downloadable products, “Category” type allows buyers to download all products assigned to one category and “Service” type allows buyers to upload files to every specific order.
  • Payment Methods: Media Store supports payment methods by plugins, you can customizel more payment plugins for your use. Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers) and 2Checkout are included by default.
  • Shopping cart and quick checkout: Users can add multiple products to the shopping cart as well as manage the cart, use coupon and check out easily by one step.
  • Coupon system: You can create coupons from back-end as well as set Start/End Publishing Date for each coupon.
  • Flexible user fields: You can configure to show/hide fields, mark required field for buyers to fill in the checkout page.
  • Guest checkout: Your customers do not have to register and login before the checkout. Media Store will automatically create user account based on his billing information. Users created by Media Store are managed in Joomla User Manager section.
  • Email notification system: You can configure notification email for both administrator and buyer when buyer register a new account, place a new order or the order is completed.
  • Orders management: You can manage orders in back-end, assign orders to users, add/remove products and print an order.
  • Review system: allows users who buy the product rating and writing a review, users also can be easy to edit their reviews. Review system also allows admin to be easy to manage, edit or add new review for the products.
  • Statistics: There is a back-end statistics to show sales value, number of orders and used discount amount in various time frames.

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