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MightySites - Multiple Sites Sha

MightySites - Multiple Sites Sharing


MightySites - Multiple Sites Sharing  v5.1.3

Version v5.1.3
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site AlterBrains external
License Read Rules external
Views 3,115
Dev Price $ 59
Price € 5
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MightySites allows you to run multiply sites on same Joomla installation and share database data between different Joomla sites.

No hacks of core files are required and no Joomla! core files are patched.

Ability to use content, users (with Community Builder and JomSocial support) from other sites.

You can have many Joomla! websites using a single hosting account, with same users and JomSocial contents but with different template etc.

Single login and logout feature is implemented for your websites. Session sharing is possible if sites have same top-level domain.


You can easily replicate your current website into other website without building new hosting account!

MightySites is used for 2 main tasks:

Run multiple Joomla websites from single hosting account (all sites use same files and same database tables or few separated tables).
Sharing of database contents (multiple sites can use same database tables, so these database data are always same across all sites).



  • Using parked domains (also known as domain aliases) as separate websites hosted on same Joomla! installation.
  • Ability to create virtual sites in subfolders ( hosted on same Joomla! installation.
  • Cloning databases for new sites from existing sites.
  • Sharing database data of default Joomla! components for Extensions, Permissions, Users, Templates, Categories, Content, Languages, Menus, Modules, Newsfeeds, Weblinks, Banners, Contacts, Smart Search.
  • Single frontend login/logout in specified Joomla! websites if login/logout on website with the extension installed (requires installation of plugins to all sites).
  • Single frontend login/logout in domains with same top-level domain ( and via session sharing.
  • No hacks to Joomla! are required*.
  • Overrides for sites running with single database and files: custom CSS files, custom homepage menu item selection, custom frontend template style selection, ability to hide menu items and modules, custom Favicon image, custom language file loading, custom 'File Path' and 'Image Path' settings of Media Manager, 'New User Registration Group' of Users Manager.
  • Sharing database data of 3rd-party extensions from different websites. We can add the desired extension if you wish, please contact Support for checking the availability of using the 3rd-party extension before purchase.
  • Free installation on request.


Please read about all features and find case studies on our site!

  • Only configuration.php file is auto-changed by the component.


Currently supported extensions (you can share database data of these extensions between sites with different tables, all other extensions work as usual, special support is not required if websites use same database tables):
JomSocial, JomSocial (except config), Community Builder, Mosets Tree, Sobi2, SobiPro, GridIron, UddeIM, Zoo, DT Register, EasyBlog, JoomSport, RSForm!, RSFiles!, AcyMailing, JCE editor, Adsmanager, JoomShopping, Kunena, K2, ProjectFork, Community Polls, En Masse, Phoca Gallery, Phoca Download, JReviews, Virtuemart (all data), Virtuemart (all data except configuration), JEvents, HWDMediaShare (optionally without config), Akeeba Backup Pro, Akeeba Subscriptions, Feedgator, Easy Image Gallery (JoomlaXTC), Invitex, jbolo, Appointment Book (JoomlaXTC), Artist Showcase (JoomlaXTC), GeoCodingSuite (Socialables), PowerTabs (JoomlaXTC), PayPlans, Reading List (JoomlaXTC), SocialAds (Techjoomla), Locator, Social Pin Board, Hikashop, swMenuPro & swMenuFree, VMUpload, DJ-Classifieds, ChronoForms < v6, EventList, Frontpage Slideshow (by JoomlaWorks), JSN ImageShow, JSN UniForm, Widgetkit (1.5.x, not 2.x), RedShop, JV-LinkExchanger, Brute Force Stop, Komento (optionally without config), JSN PowerAdmin, Securitycheck, EXP Autos Pro, MijoSearch, Advanced Module Manager, JCK editor, ReReplacer, MageBridge, Preach it, OS Membership, MijoSEF, OSE Membershop, EasyDiscuss, HS Users, JoomlaQuiz Deluxe, MusCol, All Video Share, Frontend User Access, Joaktree, RSTickets! Pro, AceSEF, AlphaUserPoints, Vip Quotes, Freestyle FAQs, Spider Calendar, JComments, Memorials, PaidSystem, HikaMarket, RSMembership!, JFBConnect, AdAgency, FW Real Estate, FW Real Estate Pro, IProperty, NoNumber Snippets, Zh GoogleMap, JomDirectory, AJAX Register, JSitemap (ex JMap), Emerald, RSEvents! Pro, JoomBri Freelance, XMap, J2Store, Love Factory, MijoShop (since 2.2.0, MijoShop store ID is supported per site), EasySocial (optionally without config), Auction Factory, HDW Player, Jom Classifieds, RegReminder, FlexiContact, CComment, XTDir for SobiPro, Improved AJAX Login Register, JobsFactory, VMVendor, EShop, FLEXIcontent, CMGroupBuying, JoomGallery, JoomGalaxy, jDownloads, Easy Profile & JSN Social Network, iCagenda, ARTIOBooking, Cobalt, VikAppointments, JoomCareer, Quick2Cart (optionally without config), TJFields, Guru & Guru Pro, OnePage Checkout, BreezingForms, VikBooking, Kandanda, Flickr Suite, Fields Attach, JMapMyLDAP, sh404SEF, Matukio, LMS King, JU Download, JGive, Form2Content, Jticketing, Youtube Gallery, DPCalendar, Engage Box, Contentbuilder, Community Answers, CM Live Deal, Creative Contact Form, Freestyle Testimonials, Freestyle FAQs Pro, JCalPro, Lifestream (Pro), Event Booking, Convert Forms, My Testimonials, My Maps location, CoalaWeb Traffic, Sellacious, SP Page Builder, J-BusinessDirectory, VikRestaurants, Affiliate Tracker, Invoices, JoomCRM, OS Services Booking.


Known extensions which can't be shared across few sites with different database tables (a site can't load extension data from other site but data can be shared in sites use same tables):

Listbingo, Ohanah, Fabrik, Falang, JDictionary, JoomFish, RokGallery, RokSprocket, Docman, Logman and other Koowa-related extensions.Falang, JDictionary and JoomFish extensions don't allow to load any external database data on a site where installed, so custom sharing of database data is not possible, but you can run multiple slave sites with minor customizations (like separate default menu item, separate default language, hide menu items and/or modules per site etc.)

* Only configuration.php file is auto-changed by the component.

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