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Logman - track user acti

Logman - track user activity


Logman - track user activity  v5.0.0

Version v5.0.0
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site JoomlaTools external
License Read Rules external
Views 3,008
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Price € 4
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Logman Easily keep track of what is happening on your Joomla site and what users have done.LOGman is capable of logging more than 110+ different user actions.Easily export all or part of your site logged activities to CSV with the build in export tool for easy offline use. Keep your site secure...


User activity
LOGman supports logging user actions such as add, edit, delete, login, install, update, download ... for both the Joomla core extensions and many third party extensions.

Advanced filtering

LOGman allows you to filter your activity feed to show actions performed within a specific time period and/or a specific user.


LOGman has built-in impressions support for your Joomla articles. It keeps track of referrers and visited content pages for each user session.

Dashboard module

Get a quick overview of all user activity straight from your Joomla Administrator Dashboard using our LOGman activity module.

Frontend streams

Expose activity streams on your site using activity views and modules.

Linker plugin

The Linker editor plugin can find any linkable resource in your site. It will prompt you with a list of all available resources and allow you to select and insert a link to a specific resource into the editor.

Search for anything in your site you wanna link to.

Automatic redirects NEW

Whenever your users try to access a resource using an old URL, LOGman will automatically redirect them to the new URL, resulting in fewer 404 errors.

Support for 110+ events

LOGman is capable of logging more than 110+ different user actions.

Export to CSV

Easily export all or part of your site’s logged activities to CSV, with the built-in export tool, for easy offline use.

Logging user login & logout

Keep your site secure. Track and log when your users login and logout.

Settings view

The great new settings view allows you to control all aspects of LOGman from one central interface.

Even more features

Automatic & manual purging
Logs are automatically purged after 90 days (can be configured). Logs can also be purged manually.

Joomla updater
New releases will install with “one-click” using Joomla’s built-in updater.

Simple developer API
Developers can easily integrate LOGman into their own extensions using the PHP and JSON API’s.

Guest activities
Activities from guest users can optionally be logged by LOGman.

E-mail notifications
LOGman can send E-mail notifications to a selected list of addresses.

DOCman & FILEman support
Full support for all DOCman and FILEman user actions including downloads.

System Activities NEW
LOGman makes the difference between human and system activity logging.

IP tracking
For added security LOGman tracks the IP addresses for each logged action.

RSS feed
You can use endpoints to visualize activity streams in your favorite news reader.

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