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TEXTman - Frontend Article man

TEXTman - Frontend Article manager


TEXTman - Frontend Article manager  v5.0.0

Version v5.0.0
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site Joomlatools external
License Read Rules external
Views 2,851
Dev Price $ 39
Price € 4
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Easily manage Joomla articles. Create drafts and auto-save changes while editing. Preview articles. With the accelerated mobile pages support TEXTman will automatically generate a mobile optimised page for each of your articles, making a big difference in performance and SEO results on mobile devices.


Accelerated Mobile Pages NEW


With the accelerated mobile pages support TEXTman will automatically generate a mobile optimised page for each of your articles, making a big difference in performance and SEO results on mobile devices.


Support for FILEman attachments. Simply attach files to any Joomla article using our editor plugin. Attachments will be displayed below the article’s content.


Automatic intro text
Manually adding “Read More” links is now a thing of the past! You can set the “Read More” limit through the TEXTman settings and a “Read More” link will automatically be inserted for all your articles.


Drag & drop file uploading
You can insert images and create links to files via drag and drop. All you have to do is drag and drop a file into the editor. That’s it!


Drag & drop ordering
TEXTman offers a simple way of arranging your articles by simply dragging and dropping them into place.


Featured image
A featured image represent the contents, mood, or theme of an article. Articles can have a single featured image to enhance the presentation of your site.


Image resizing for featured images
Automated resizing of uploaded featured images for Agency and Business subscribers using our Connect service. No more server limits on the maximum size of featured images that can be uploaded and resized!


Image resizing for uploaded images
When a user drags an image into the editor, or when a user uploads a new featured image it will automatically be resized as per TEXTman’s configuration.


Linking to resources
Support for LOGman Linker. Linker can find any linkable resource in your site and will prompt you with a list to choose from and insert into your article.


Logman integration
LOGman integration allows you to see if a user has read a specific article or see how popular an article is.


Sharable drafts
Articles can be shared via the preview link that you can generate from the article editor. You can use the article preview to discuss changes to articles or have them reviewed by other content editors.

Stock images
Easily find, select and insert beautiful and royalty free feature images from Unsplash, a photography collection from the world’s most generous community of photographers.

Structured data NEW
Structured data provides search engines with extra information about your content and because search engines can understand your data more clearly, they’ll often reward you with a higher ranking.

Tagging & categorisation
Easily create new tags and categories or assign existing tags and categories to your articles right from the article editor interface.

Even more features
Article Impressions
Sort your articles by how popular they are, sort by ascending or descending order.

Auto correct
TEXTman automatically transforms specific character combinations to corresponding symbols.

Auto create categories
You may automatically create categories from the article edit screen.

Auto link
TEXTman automatically turns typed URL’s into clickable links.

Automatic redirect NEW
When Joomla’s modern SEF url router is enabled TEXTman automatically redirects from the old SEF urls to the new ones.

Automatic trash purging
TEXTman will automatically remove trashed articles from your site after 30 days.

Canonical url support NEW
Prevent duplicate content issues even if your site has multiple menu items pointing to the same articles.

CK Editor
TEXTman uses CK Editor, a web-based text editor with powerful formatting capabilities.

Configuration settings
Control all aspects of TEXTman globally via TEXTman’s settings page.

E-mail notifications
TEXTman can send E-mail notifications when specific actions are performed.

Meta description
Easily customize the page’s meta description tag from within TEXTman.

TEXTman works seamlessly in multilingual Joomla websites.

Prevent outbound linking NEW
Outbound links to websites can harm your site’s reputation TEXTman can tell search engines not to follow them.

Responsive images support
Device-specific responsive images for any image that exists in your Joomla articles.

Specify when an article will be published and unpublished.

Smart Locking
TEXTman checks if the user session is still active and if not, automatically unlocks the article.

Social Media tags
TEXTman supports Open Graph and Twitter Cards.

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