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Import users from Excel or CSV

Import users from Excel or CSV file


Import users from Excel or CSV file  v2.5.7

Version v2.5.7
Compatibility Joomla 3
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✔ Allows to import new and update existing users from Excel or CSV file ✔ Sends "Welcome" emails to imported users ✔ Support of "Contacts" / "User Profile" / Joomla Fields. This amazing tool will help you to import users into Joomla with the least efforts! It saves your time, so instead of routine you can focus on more important things.

Import allows to create each user as a regular Joomla user (just like it was registered).
So, you can manage users in admin panel and all of them have access to the same features as other users.

User Import can work with any data:
Any data supported by Joomla can be imported:

Id, Name, Username, Password, Email, Params, Register Date, Groups, Address 1, Address 2, City, Region, Suburb, State, Country, Postal/ZIP Code, Phone, Fax, Website, Date of Birth, About, Description and much more...

Main features of our User Import component:
You can import new users, update existing users or do both actions simultaneously.

Columns order in Excel or CSV is not important! Import has special tool to support any columns order.

Import support most of third party components like "K2" or "AcyMailing".

Import allows to select group where users should be created. You can specify group for the whole file or for each user (if your file has column with user's group).

Send "Welcome" emails to imported users! Newly imported or updated users can be notified with login, password and your custom message by "Welcome" email function.

Passwords for users can be generated by import automatically or taken from your Excel file (from password column). If your file contains passwords in Joomla encrypted style - select in import setting option "Joomla encrypted passwords".

If you need to import user regulary, "Profiles" feature will help you to do it even faster! Simply specify import settings once for imported file and save them as a "Profile". Later on, you can start import by selecting of Profile and all your settings will be loaded automatically, so you can skip import setting step with ease!

Block users which are not mentioned in file - Before importing, you can specify group(s) where users should be put in. For example, you select “Registered” group. It means that all existing users which belong to “Registered” group, but not mentioned in file, will be blocked.

Limit access to "Import Users" component - if you need to grant or restrict access to certain Users Groups (e.g. “Managers”), you can do it in "Options" settings.

Import on Schedule (using Cron) is available - if your partner or CRM system generates and uploads import file automatically, you can setup import to check excel/csv files and import it even without your participation.

In combination with our export extension can be used to migrate users from one joomla to another. To migrate users you need to export users in excel first (see "Other extensions" tab on this page).

Joomla 3.7 Fields are supported.

"Contacts" component is supported.

"User-Profile" plugin is supported in a separate version (check our website)

Our "Import users" compatible with Joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x.

Workflow of Import Users component:
Upload File.
Setup import settings.
Check preview of what is going to be imported.
Import users.
Watch video:

"User Import" Performance:
Usually import of 1 user takes between 0.01 and 0.1 second but mostly it depends on format you use (csv is a little faster) and server configuration.
Import of 3000 users in Excel format takes around 3-5 mins.

Info about "Contacts" component and "User-Profile" plugin.
By default Joomla (below version 3.7) could store additional information about users only in 2 places:

In default pre-installed "Contacts" component (check it in "Components" menu, it is already there).

Using User-Profile plugin which is also pre-installed in Joomla but disabled by default. So before use it you need to enable it. If this plugin is enabled you will see additional user fields in Users->Manage->select any user->User Profile tab.

But Joomla 3.7 changed everything! If you use this version or later, you can use new Joomla Fields which are much more advanced and can be customized in a way you need. You can create/edit/delete fields in Users->Fields menu and all created fields will appear in Users->Manage->select any user->Fields tab.

Whatever you choose to store more information about users: "Contacts", "User-Profile" or Joomla 3.7+ Fields - our import supports it!

Contact Us or Report a bug:
Please do not use Reviews section for asking questions or reporting a bug.
For this purpose please contact us via form on our website:
And we will help you during 1 business day.

Does import utilize the standard functionality of sending out “welcome” mails to users during importing process ?

Import has its own more advanced "welcome" emails notifications (compared to joomla's), so you can create custom message, specify login, password, links and much more. To enable email notification switch to "Advanced Mode" on step 2.

Does it support national characters and UTF-8?

Sure, our import supports all characters from UTF-8, for example: Ü, ß, É, 字 - just be ensured that your file has UTF-8 encoding.

How to generate passwords automatically ?

If you don't have passwords in your excel/csv file our import will generate password automatically. Passwords strength will be based on "Joomla Password Options" (go to Admin Panel->Users->Manage->Options->Password Options)

Is it possible to embed a logo image or list into the notification email ?

Sure, in popup with email editor switch to "Source code" mode and using HTML you can customize your email template in a way you need.

Ticket “#XXXX” has been created.

Fast way to fix this issue is to change settings in Joomla administrator panel. Please go to: "System -> Global Configuration -> Server" and change "Error Reporting" field to "None" value. If it doesn’t help - please contact us and provide us with ticket number.

Step 3, not all users are going to be imported, why ?

There are a few reasons why some users might not be imported, e.g. user don't have a Username or user is a duplicate (mentioned second time in file), etc . To find out the reason why some users can’t be imported - you need to hover your mouse over the user in tab “Won’t be imported”.

I can't upload files more than X MB, why ?

Maximum file upload size is a global PHP setting (called uploadmaxfilesize), you need to increase this value. Most hosting providers allows to change this setting in your Hosting Control Panel. Also you can ask your system administrator or developer to change it.

I have found a bug, how can it be fixed?

Simply contact us and let us know how to reproduce bug, send us screenshots or video if possible (you can use software like Jing); We will do our best to help you within 1 business day!

Update to a new version. I got error - Update path does not exist.

Please login on our web-site under your account and download the latest version from: My Account -> My Products -> Select your product -> Download

Is it possible to migrate users from Wordpress to Joomla?

Our extension allows to migrate users from any CMS. First you need to use Wordpress "migration" plugin and export all users to CSV file and afterwards migrate all users from CSV to Joomla with our extension.

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