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Maximenu Mobil

Maximenu Mobile CK


Maximenu Mobile CK  v2.0.15

Version v2.0.15
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site Cédric KEIFLIN external
License Read Rules external
Views 2,915
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The plugin Maximenu CK Mobile will transform your megamenu into a mobile application. Give a new look to your website for the visitors on tablet (iPad) or mobile phones. Create an amazing off canvas mobile menu that looks like a mobile application and give your users a great mobile experience. It is compatible with many menus and can be styled directly whithin the interface.


Available options :
- Fully customizable interface
- Customization with instant preview
- 9 design presets included
- You can select multiple modules to use (for multilanguage)
- Choose the resolution where you want to show the mobile menu
- Choose if you want to load the images in the mobile menu
- Choose if you want to load the modules in the mobile menu
- 4 preinstalled mobile themes
- you can load the mobile menu at the top of the page, or in the module position
- alternative text and image options to replace the normal menu informations, so that you can customize like you want


Mobile Menu CK is the perfect solution for all your mobile menus.

Use existing menus, or create any custom menu.
It is touch ready and user friendly.
Give it the look you want for your website using its amazing styling interface. Don't waste your time to go in multiple screens, just enable your mobile menu with 1 click.


Easy styling
You don't need to know about CSS coding, Mobile Menu CK offers you a complete and easy to use interface to create the design you need.Style your menu module directly from the module options, no need to switch with another screen, save your style and it applies immediately.

Are you a developper ?

Use the CSS override technique to load your own theme from the template automatically !


Merging feature
Do you need to show multiple menus into one single mobile menu ? Then Mobile Menu CK can help you thanks to the merging feature included.

Just one click to enable your first menu, and 2 other clicks to enable the second menu and merge it.

For developpers
Mobile Menu CK is not only a Joomla! extension, it is made for any usage. You can call it using Javascript or PHP directly from your template or any other place in your website. Call your menu from the PHP files of the template and use the override technique to give a theme included in your template, with no need of the user action to make it work and looks like you want.

How does the plugin works
Depending on the window resolution or device type detection, the menu will take place in the page :

The standard menu will be hidden
A new mobile menu bar will appear in the page where you can click to open the the mobile menu

Options overview
This is an overview on how the options look like in the menu module administration.

Additionnal mobile parameters in the menu items edition
Mobile Menu CK will add some options in each menu item to let you set an alternative text and image for the mobile menu. You can have a different text and icon for the mobile menu and the normal menu.


These options can be used with the specific theme "icon" that is included. See how to make your menu like an iPhone application using your own icons :

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